• 2K Games Reveals 'NBA 2K21' Release Date

    Jul-05-2020 PST Categories: NBA 2K

    After the presentation of ‘NBA 2K21’ by 2K Games, many questions began to circulate about the new edition of the basketball saga that will reach this and the next generation of consoles. We already know that ‘NBA 2K21’ will go on sale on September 4 for PS4 and Xbox One. As for the version of the new generation, it is in progress and it was announced that it will cost $ 70, that is, 10 more than the current generation. This is an important fact since it represents the first g ...

  • NBA - 8 things we would like to see in 2K21

    Mar-11-2020 PST Categories: NBA 2K

    While spring is already coming to an end, it's time to take a closer look at NBA 2K21. We offer 8 small ideas to improve the next installment of the famous franchise. 1. A tribute to Kobe Bryant How not to start with that? Tragically deceased, the Mamba fully deserves a mode dedicated to his career in NBA 2K21. We immediately think of the 2K11 edition with "Jordan Mode", which relived the most significant moments of His Majesty's career. 10 years later, gamers still remember i ...