NBA - 8 things we would like to see in 2K21

Mar-11-2020 Categories: NBA 2K

While spring is already coming to an end, it's time to take a closer look at NBA 2K21. We offer 8 small ideas to improve the next installment of the famous franchise.

1. A tribute to Kobe Bryant

How not to start with that? Tragically deceased, the Mamba fully deserves a mode dedicated to his career in NBA 2K21. We immediately think of the 2K11 edition with "Jordan Mode", which relived the most significant moments of His Majesty's career. 10 years later, gamers still remember it.

A similar mode for Kobe would undoubtedly be a real masterclass.

2. The All-Star Weekend in single mode

On NBA 2K20, if you want to play an All-Star Weekend, you have to simulate a season or a MyGM. Why not put it in simple access again from the menu? After a particularly successful 2020 edition, the timing seems to be perfect.

3. Better AI defense

This is a point of frustration for many players. Whether in transition, with sometimes questionable choices, or on attack, your teammates are not always free from all reproaches in defense, and that is an understatement. The racket is particularly deserted by the "bigs", and seeing Isaiah Canaan come quietly to score because JaVale McGee leaves the paint wide open can quickly annoy. One point to improve.

4. Technical faults

Level immersion, technical faults are clearly task. Imagine Gregg Popovich stepping into the middle of the field and getting kicked out when you've just taken an 18-0 run with the Spurs. Or Draymond Green come and confuse you after a and-one. It would have mouth, right?

Unfortunately, players are too sanitized and even the most expressive in real life do not come out of the nails in the virtual. Well brought, depending on the score, faults and characters of each, technical faults here and there could be a big plus.

5. Fighting

This is the next logical step, you will agree. Of course, 2K probably doesn't want to promote clashes and violence to a predominantly young audience. But nobody talks about big straight lines like the 80s. Rather scuffles in modern NBA sauce, with bazaar but little or no blows.

Our condition? That these sequences are not "random" but justified. For example, if you make a mistake 4 times in 2 minutes on the same player deemed to be bloody so as to cause him to trip, it is possible that he will jostle you, and that a kinematics "crowd" where each comes to separate the other snaps into place. Ditto if you inflict a huge humiliating blowout on the opponent. In short, there is room to improve immersion from this point of view, and most gamers would no doubt appreciate it.

6. The return of old-school filters

At the beginning of the decade, 2K had taken particular care to push the realism of old-school matches with in particular filters and details reminiscent of the time, like black and white in the 60s. We would like to see that again.

7. More realism about injuries

Unfortunately, and the real NBA is an example, injuries are an integral part of everyday life in the league. It would therefore be good to work on them by making them more realistic on the one hand, with different animations for a small sprain and rupture of the ligament, and on the other hand more frequent.

8. A personalized voice for MyPlayer

Since its inception, the MyPlayer mode has been based on a single voice each year, regardless of the character's skin color or style. Making several available, 5 or 6 for example, would strengthen our player's immersion and charisma.

Bonus - The missing legends!

As every year, we will hope that the Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley and others will finally make their appearance in the all-time teams. Hope brings life ...

Obviously, these are just a few jumble suggestions and Big novelty in sight for 2K21, some of which we hope will be answered. And you, what would you like in the next 2K?