NBA 2K22 can make The City bigger and better

Mar-18-2021 Categories: NBA 2K

NBA 2K22 will be released later this year, and one of the most exciting additions to the franchise was The City, which came out on the next generation of NBA 2K21 releases. The online MMORPG hub has been a hit since its unveiling, but it has a chance to get even better with the release of NBA 2K22.

Will NBA 2K22 bring the city back?

This is the first question most players will ask, and while it has yet to be confirmed, it is incredibly likely that The City will return in NBA 2K22. Online Mode was the next iteration of previous The Park and Neighborhood modes and was not launched until the next generation release of NBA 2K21. Now that there is a full development cycle to put NBA 2K22 on next-generation consoles at launch, rather than scaling up after the release of the current generation, the city will certainly be part of the focus.

The city could be bigger and better

With the release of The City on NBA 2K21, Visual Concepts took the ideas of The Park and Neighborhood and expanded into this big city. Things really got delivered to the size of The City in NBA 2K21, but that doesn't mean 2K games will stop growing with NBA 2K22.

More neighborhoods?

We saw the launch of NBA 2K21 when the city was home to four different neighborhoods, and that really was a step bigger for the setting. With NBA 2K22 we can see expanding to more, this will allow for more diversity across regions and give players more options on what to focus on.

Competitive Preferences

With four neighborhoods, there were four rival preferences, which is another thing we could see expanding into NBA 2K22. There's always a chance that NBA 2K22 will stick with the current quadruple, but the expansion gives players more options to decide which affiliation is best for them.

Intentional force

The city introduced mayors in NBA 2K21, and it came with a democratic process to elect a new mayor to serve for six weeks. Mayors have had the ability to create custom playlists and videos for court areas, customize court designs and murals, and change the uniform choice, but that can grow in NBA 2K22.

A repeat of the success of NBA 2K21

Even with the late release of NBA 2K21 after the title hit the next generation of consoles, the introduction of NBA 2K21 in town did a lot of good. The new mode was huge in size and number of things players could do, and it provided a unique single-player experience that began to distinguish NBA 2K21 from other sports titles. NBA 2K22 doesn't have to remove any of the things they did well in NBA 2K21, but there is room to improve as they strive to unlock the next generation.

NBA 2K22 must integrate WNBA into The City

One of the additions to NBA 2K21 saw The W and MyWNBA compete, but now NBA 2K22 has the option to include WNBA MyPLAYERs in The City. With a mode that uses player-made stars, there's no reason male and female players shouldn't be getting together in The City with the next version of the title. As launch day approaches and learn more about NBA 2K22, we need to find out if The City of WNBA's features will make some leaps forward this year.

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