​Why has prot war never been desirable

I've been wanting to play prot war my time playing classic, but everyone says they're not worth it. I don't care about what other people think, but it's a pain because I've never been invited to any groups due to it, and also hearing everyone's classes or spec and be as "well just wait till you're faster" or "well it's possible you'll be bad in tbc , but in WoTLK you're still capable of competing!" and yet prot war is consistently poor performance.

Why didn't blizzard provide them with a greater threat? why didn't they allow them to have the best defense? They offered everyone else cooldowns in prot war and the famous thunderclap debuffs, and yet left the prot war area with the biggest threat, and nothing to bring over other tanks? Did this happen because of a constant error throughout all (most ...) of WoW's time)? Are they simply not interested?

In the old days, everyone favored prot that was fury. I couldn't find a guild that was raiding that was prot. The players wanted more risk, but however, there was less damage. Therefore, I rerolled healer.

In tbc, I thought I'd finally be able to play and then I saw that everyone wanted the feral for threat, and the prot pally for AOE. Then I decided to quit, and the guild suggested I play hunter.

In wotlk, every video I've seen states that they're suck. You aren't invited to raid unless you're a member of the guild you're a part of, and everyone is looking for to have a prot friend for raid purposes and DKs for hysteria and threat.

In the end, I've abandoned any hope of an opportunity to feel that I am able to play the class I wantto play, it appears that they're never very good. They were only classic because they were taunted and still are rubbish. I'm guessing I'm wondering whether anyone else feels the same way and why blizzard seem to over-buff the other tanks and make prot war the minimum.

The period of the warrior was vanilla, it was the most popular tank. It is important to note that this is not a the world buff classic that we are talking about, but vanilla. World buffs have made more effective the threat of fury tanking. without them, prot is desirable and well-liked.

Wrath Warriors are the top AOE tank. It's like the pally on tbc. The problem is that this niche is too particular to meet the type of tank that people are looking for. The majority of players are considering raiding, you need only a certain amount of threat bot warrior levels and consequently the benefits of other tanks are greater than them. Warriors are the best tank to take on 5 men in the wrath. Therefore, your claim of not being sought-after is 100 % false.

The warrior is the worst tank to raid for wrath, and Wrath is the only expansion where warriors have the worst performance. They were never really poor and were always completely comparable the tk Druids. In fact, beyond t6 prot was superior to druid in tanking, but druid had greater dps. Fury prot was your top third tank. The majority of people took Druids because they want to interpret them, not because warrior was not very competitive as a tank.

In tbc, warriors were the best tabk in the t4 as everyone were expecting. Druids were worse until they reached the t5 level, where warriors were comparable only slightly better. Pallys were ahead of warriors when tanking with aoe became necessary in t5 and beyond. In Bt Warriors went down in sun. Well warriors just are good but also quite well-matched and competitive but not at druid level to maintain tanks. If you are looking for muru to be as simple as possible , you should have the warrior druid as well as a an easy tank. Also, your assertion that they are not competitive completely untrue. Since muru is the toughest to fight in sunwell, and if struggling in subwell , it is definitely one to be preparing for.

The past wrath warriors also were rarely the bottem tank, as balance between tanks has been consistently close, never being a tank that would perform.

The reality is that the game's meta has changed, so that what was once the best method of playing (pure survival, without the need for parse to be an element) that was the one that won through the classics and even bt TBC was the most effective and was utilized as a primary tank was replaced with speed running and parsing. It is a re-enactment of an classic game with a new mentality. We don't expect blizzard to re-balance the game. So, if you choose the wrong game that does not match the meta, it will be an uphill task even if there is there is nothing wrong with the specific. For example, frost mages were meta and 4 was the spec used to create the first world-class illidan. Nowadays, frost mage has become not a viable variant. The game has evolved.

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