​The nation of Gehennas EU proper now could be an absolute disgrace

Sep-24-2022 Categories: WOW WoTLK Classic Tag: WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, WoTLK Gold

If for a few purpose you had been residing beneathneath a rock, I’ll elaborate. Gehennas, EU’s biggest server has been unplayable beyond 2pm server time for the beyond four days.

Massive lag spikes make doing something in recreation not possible. Handing in quests, seeking to promote junk, beginning a mail field all take like 10 mins to do, get rewards and Wotlk classic gold. And don’t even begin me on looting, in case you loot a corpse it freezes the complete recreation for a strong five mins. This is ensuing in any shape of gambling the sport not possible.

Guilds are lacking there raids, celebration’s falling aside due to the fact they could run dungeons. Even some thing as easy as questing is not possible. You attempt loot a mob, your recreation freezes and subsequent you come to be in a graveyard.

I recognize the server is overpopulated and that’s the participant bases very own fault, however then again absolutely the shit display that Gehennas is in proper now isn't the slightest bit suited, particularly for a recreation this large and this sort of large billion greenback agency.

We pay €15 a month for this recreation, that is already an insane rate that you could now no longer pay on some other recreation. You could assume a few first rate client carrier, however no. All we get is a few 1/2 of assed tweet four days in the past announcing they're searching into it.

I recognize this submit will fall on deaf ears however significantly this shit desires to be constant.

It’s now no longer the playerbases fault, it’s blizzards fault for his or her incompetence of dealing with servers. They have ducked human beings over continuously with awful selections with going for walks the servers.

But queues aside, the server shouldn’t be this risky going for walks at max populace. This is past a comic story that the server is unplayable for over every week without a phrase from snow fall, a shameful show of the way incompetent snow fall has come to be.

Vote together along with your wallet, unsub and nevertheless experience the sport, however allow snow fall recognize this desires to be addressed.

Source from P2Pah.com, thank you for reading.