My friend and I decided to try out WotLK Classic

My friend and I decided to try out WotLK Classic, as he was in the mood for an MMO. Although I'm new to WoW, I've reached level 30 on my human warrior, primarily using whatever gear I come across. Recently, I discovered the potential to make money through disenchanting items, and I've acquired the sword Archeus. While researching on WoWhead, I found discussions about the crusader enchantment for this sword, which sells for 300 WotLK Classic gold on the Auction House. I have the funds, but I'm unsure if investing in this enchantment is a wise decision.

I'm curious about the frequency of gear changes in the game. Should I be concerned about enchanting my gear at this level, given that I'm focusing on questing and exploring the world rather than participating in dungeons?

The vastness of the game overwhelms me, and I feel like joining a guild is essential to gather information from experienced players. Most online videos focus on high-level play, using terms and acronyms that are unfamiliar to me. I apologize if this seems like a beginner's post, but I'm struggling to find resources tailored to someone with my level of understanding.

The approach depends on your goal. If you aim to reach level 80 quickly, focus on questing, ignore other activities, invest in 16-18 slot bags, sell non-gear items, and grind efficiently.

For a more leisurely experience, still prioritize questing. Engage in two professions—engineering and mining—and level them gradually. Consider the quest for the whirlwind axe but be aware it will be replaced quickly. At level 40, obtain dual spec and explore dungeons like Scarlet Monastery and Zul'Farak. Sell items, level professions, and repeat.

Upon reaching level 58, use the main city portal to Blasted Lands, go to Outland, and continue questing. Ignore most dungeons unless you're curious. Sell rare BoE items rather than equipping them. Use the Auctionator addon to monitor prices.

At level 68, transition to Northrend and repeat the process. Upon hitting level 80, seek advice and share your experience.

Regardless of opinions, engineering stands out as a valuable profession. Have fun, engage in banter, stand your ground if you're the tank, befriend healers, and enjoy the game. Expect some online rivalry, but remember to take breaks and have a good time. And MMOexp provide all series of WoW Classic Gold, you can buy them 24/7 online. Welcome!