Games in April 2020: the top games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Apr-02-2020 Categories: news

Three remakes sweeten our April games. You can find out which other games for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One you should have in April.

Zombie Apocalypse and two JRPGs, one of the most well-known of its genre, will tie us to the consoles in April. But old acquaintances also reappear in a new form. These are the best games in April:

Minecraft Dungeons - Release: April 1st (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC)

Minecraft has been an integral part of the gaming scene since its release in 2009. In addition to the main game, there were already a few spin-offs, for example from Telltale. Now the developers want to try the classic co-op dungeon crawl á la “Diablo”. The special thing: "Dungeons" is the first game in a long time that Mojang developed itself - and that since the original Minecraft.

Resident Evil 3: Remake - Release: April 03 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

After the new version of the second part of the zombie saga was so successful, it was only a matter of time before Capcom missed the third part of "Resident Evil" a fresh air cure. The special thing at the time was also the namesake of the game: Nemesis, a super mutant who constantly chased the character. "Resident Evil 2: Remake" should have shown that this concept still works. We are probably another horror cracker in the house.

Disaster Report 4 - Release: April 7th (PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC)

An earthquake shakes all of Tokyo. As a survivor of the natural disaster, you have to find your way through the shattered city. Every decision counts. “Disaster Report 4” was supposed to be released in 2011, but was held back due to the Toho earthquake. A new studio continued to develop the game and is now delivering a hopefully thrilling survival adventure

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Release: April 10 (PS4)

Let's not kid ourselves, the remake of "Final Fantasy VII" is the game of the month, for some even of the year. The first part of the major project includes Clouds Adventures in Midgar, but also shows much more of the characters than was possible on the first PlayStation in 1997. We could take a look at the game in advance, you can see our impressions in this.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Release: April 24th (PS4, PC)

Asymmetric multiplayer seems to have gradually found its place. After "Evolve" disappointed across the board, games like "Dead by Daylight" have a committed fan base. But that will also make it more difficult for “Predator: Hunting Grounds” to win exactly these players for themselves. The prospect of playing one of the famous space hunters is very tempting.

Trials of Mana - Release: April 24th (PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC)

Three heroes who have to find a magical source. Monsters that want to be laid. Nasty bad guys. "Trials of Mana" is a JRPG as it is written in the book - after all, it is the remake of a title from the 90s. We have already had a first impression of this and are quite impressed.

Gears Tactics - Release: April 28th (PC)

Since the Xbox 360, the "Gears" series has stood for tough science fiction action. And similar to the "Halo" series back then, it seems that the newest part has thought of something else: a tactical game. Other than e.g. XCOM should not be calm and prudent, but aggressive play should be rewarded. Also nice: The single player experience does not require any micro transactions.