World of warcraft: one of those once-unbreakable five-person dungeons

Mar-22-2019 Categories: WoW

As we all know, dungeons are at the heart of role-playing games, and this has been evident in some early games. And what will copy concept thorough popular feeling truly and affect later ages countless net to swim, it is world of warcraft(Gold in WoW) however.

Warcraft's vast world view is enough to support countless small and large copies. Of course, for a player who does not rush the progress, the most impressive are those five people underground city, some of them in the design difficulty can even be comparable to the group, and we will take a look today.

Most of the time I was looking for my way -- the black stone abyss, the athaakha temple

In the classic 1960s, many of the dungeons were not so much monster strength that made them hard to play, but rather the complexity of dungeon maps and the lack of plugins that players had to spend a lot of time finding their way around.

The black stone abyss is the capital of the black iron dwarves in the heart of the black stone mountains. It is also the most complex five-person book ever created by blizzard designers. The black stone abyss does not use the linear structure of the ordinary copy. It has many branch routes. It is said that more than 90% of WOW players did not pass through completely.

Another replica with a complex terrain is the athaakha temple, located in the sad swamps of the eastern kingdom. Although it is only a small structure floating on the surface of the water, in fact, its underwater copy is surprisingly large. However, the temple copy entered by random finder has been simplified by blizzard.

The early temples were divided into two layers, and it was necessary to defeat the BOSS in the upper layer and activate several statues to attack the lower layer. For unknown newcomers, it was common to blindly circle in the upper layer.

Warriors' nightmare -- hall of reflection (tanning hall)

The hall of reflection is a copy of the WLK version of a five-person, here is the chamber where the lich king stores the sword. Unlike the long, complex replicas of previous versions, the hall of reflection has a simple route and only three bosses, but this one drove countless players who wanted a glimpse of frostmournful reality crazy.

Inside the physics of small monster can player vertigo, and around the back of the hit 1W damage thorn, law monster is able to give players a variety of dot, is also tens of thousands of jump. Want to know, at that time of tank profession also just a few tens of thousands of blood quantity, in here of abnormal condition small strange in front with cloth armor is no different.

Comeback - the troll duo of cataclysm

In recent versions of warcraft, the cataclysm of the five is also recognized as difficult, in the early players only blue and green under the circumstances, the heroic difficulty of the black rock grottoes and Grimm BOSS skills are extremely abnormal, a little careful that is out of the group.

Of course, the most difficult part of this period was when blizzard updated and remastered the troll duos. With the classic BGM of troll empire, players who come to open up the wilderness are tortured to death by each BOSS. In addition, there are many small monsters here, including 110. If you don't pay attention to an ADD, it will lead to the destruction of the group.

Peak challenge - a copy of the big secret under the abnormal affix combination

If the dungeons of the past were complicated only by the terrain and the monsters themselves, then the dungeons of the great mysteries are perversions caused by the sheer accumulation of data.

Grand secret is a new dungeon mechanic engineered by blizzard and introduced in version 7.0. Its predecessor was the timed challenge mode in pandaren and delano.

In the dungeon of the grand mystery mode, with the increase of the number of layers and the addition of various affixes, all the little monsters in the ordinary mode have become the door gods blocking the way.

I believe that in the minds of many players, certain high-level multi-affix combination under the big secret is still a nightmare, its intensity has been comparable to the regiment. Remember that the great lords of the pantheon who killed the fallen titans were inspired to teach men by the shrimp-soldiers and crab-goblins who were affixed to the next mountain? The footmen who tried to stop hya from rising under the cruel affix were struck to death by a thunderbolt. Dear warriors of azeroth, what are some of the most difficult dungeons you have encountered in your adventures? Welcome to share!