"World of Warcraft" development team veteran back

Aug-26-2019 Categories: WoW

The most anticipated game in August is "World of Warcraft: Classic". This game, which is expected to be officially launched on August 27, has launched a pre-emptive role creation campaign on August 13. How many people are expecting Classic? How many people are willing to relish the taste of more than a decade ago? Players in North America tell you with practical actions!

According to the official announcement of Blizzard Entertainment, "WoW Classic" North American Herald server (Herod) in the preemptive role creation activities in the crowded with the crowded server. The official said: Although in 2019, they can indeed arrange a server that can plug the server population several times in 2006, but it is necessary to solve the problem of overpopulation of a single server first, so as to avoid reverting the server segment in the future. The phenomenon of queuing occurs.

From the above situation, you can see that countless old players are looking forward to "WoW Classic". The reason for the above events, in addition to the game is classic enough, Blizzard is calling on old players. At the beginning of August, Blizzard official set up a special section in the discussion area to guide players to find the old teammates of the year; now, Blizzard Entertainment called on the earliest "World of Warcraft" development team to return to Azeroth to share their production. The memories of this game.

The original designers of World of Warcraft include Tom Chilton, Alex Afrasiabi, Jeff Kaplan, Pat Nagle and Aaron Keller. Introduce these “ash players”: Tom Chilton is the former game director of World of Warcraft; Alex Afrasiabi is the sub-task designer who joined later; Jeff Kaplan and Pat Nagle were two task designers in the grass-roots team at the time; Aaron Keller It is a 3D art designer. When you let sleepless nights, the "World of Warcraft" that is full of blood is made by these original people!

We can see that in this video of Blizzard, some veterans are honest and have forgotten what they have developed, such as: Pat has forgotten the letters he has written for the task. However, this is quite understandable. Do you remember what you did when World of Warcraft(Wikipedia) was in the 1960s?

Then they played a death mine, which was the first copy of the development team. The funny thing is: Because the mine track in front of the death mine was deliberately designed like a labyrinth, Jeff Kaplan, the original designer, took the wrong road this time, leaving the entire team lost. “How could the players go right at the first time?” Pat Nagle immediately spit out Jeff Kaplan.

As an old player of World of Warcraft, is it a little exciting to see the above scene? The significance of re-playing a game is not to recall the specific experiences and details of the year. Most of the old players who are willing to return are not the current special effects and pictures, but want to find their passionate initial heart. Remember the first time I rode a 40-level wolf, and the first time I entered the Alterac Valley? Do you have any memories of World of Warcraft? Welcome to share the message here.