Why is Runescape more popular than ever?

Dec-28-2018 Categories: runescape

With the rapid development of mobile and Internet, MMORPG games are becoming more and more common in the field of mobile games. Jagex has been releasing Old School RuneScape for free for some time and F2P for iOS and Android operating systems. The game was quickly adopted by users of both platforms, and is actually a new version of RuneScape, which was released for PCS in 2001, while the Old School version was originally released for PCS in 2013, and now fans can play the MMORPG on their phones. It can make you unconsciously attracted to you for hours and hours. Even with the mouse and keyboard removed, the core of the game is very similar to the original.

In the Old School RuneScape game, you have extensive sightseeing and interactive worlds with NPCS and people, and you can travel to different places around the world. You can fish and fish in this game, cut down trees and use it to fire, use fish and the bounty you make, you can cook your own food, which will improve the health bar and your endurance bar. . Games have various skills or skills, such as cooking, swordsmanship, archery and archery, handicraft and so on. For example, by improving your cooking skills, you can get better diet, which will increase your health and health extension. Or, by increasing the skeleton of the fight, you can hit your enemy better, more accurately or better defensively in battle, which will reduce your error rate. You can capture different creatures in the game and sell or use their body parts. In addition, you can make money by working in mines, collecting and selling things, and playing a variety of roles in making RuneScape Gold and getting rich. You can also interact and interact with other users and even kill them by stealing other ways to make money in the game. Of course, the game has a bank, you can save your money, so you don't have to worry about being stolen by other users.

Compared to similar games, the Old School RuneScape game has a wide range of personalization features. At the beginning of the game and before the training begins, you can design your own personality, and during the training period, the main mechanism of the game, struggle, structure and mechanism, hunting, and how to get full education with the NPC and the world. The game also has various quests that can be used to earn skis, money and points. The RuneScape game is divided into two parts: free and membership. Most free-to-play games are short, and you don't face any particular challenges. With a little time and careful attention, you can easily accomplish all of these tasks. The number of quests is limited, but they are also relatively free, including helping palace chefs make cakes or finding killers of the soul. But membership tasks are not limited, and there are more differences between them.

These tasks will take longer to complete and some people will face more serious challenges. If you are a member some restrictions will be removed, you can easily and safely collect an uncertain number of items and then sell them or use them to build. If you are not a member, you can only surf the world in a very short time, which will soon stop you from continuing to experience the game.

The Old School RuneScape game has artistic graphics, but technically it could have been better, because the greatness of the game is negligible. However, game animation is a big change, especially for mobile MMORPG games, as well as a variety of game environments, in addition to urban and forest environments, there are mountain, snow, and even desert environments in the game, you can reach these places. In addition, although the Old School Runescape control system was originally designed based on game design, it USES a mouse and keyboard design, but it is designed for touch smartphones to make your experience more perfect.

However, there are some other problems with this game. For example, your mobile phone consumes a lot of power. After a period of time, you will encounter the game and you need to charge the phone. But in most cases, it's best to keep the phone's battery cool and move on. In addition, it has a variety of errors that can affect your experience with some tasks, but in general, you won't be able to experience first. Therefore, we should arrange the game time reasonably.

The Old School RuneScape game provides a nostalgic and addictive experience on the phone. However, in the free mode, the tasks are not so extensive and diverse, will not challenge you, you can do more work to surf the world of work and do different things, but in order to experience the best game, you have the right to buy membership. Jagex, which owns Old School Runescape, however, has been able to provide a good mmorpg-style experience for mobile platforms, providing hours, even weeks, and months of entertainment, as well as incredible, memorable, and nostalgic experiences. . Play games on your phone or tablet.