Why are players disappointed with the 3rd season of NBA 2K?

Jan-11-2022 Categories: nba 2k22

The third season of NBA 2K22 MyTeam mode seemed to bring some festive fun to the game mode. A new game mode called Clutch Time has been added. A campaign called "Hoopsmas" has been announced. The new season included new digital player cards with special abilities.

But the NBA 2K22 MyTeam community is not happy with what is happening now during the third season of the game. MyTeam mode allows players to collect digital cards from their favorite players that they can later use in full-field basketball games. There are several seasons in the game that include a variety of features, rewards, and prizes that keep the status up to date. The season concept started with NBA 2K21 and returned to NBA 2K22.

Last year was the third season of NBA 2K21, which was a stupid season. Almost every day, the game released new digital cards to players, many of whom had festive holiday planning. And throughout the season, players can play a certain number of games to earn other digital cards - all of which can be exchanged for a free Baron Davis card. While the card wasn’t too good in the game, it was a free thing that players could compete by playing the game.

The third season of this year’s game - which started at the end of November - was highly anticipated among fans, mainly because the space has a holiday theme. Based on last year’s game, Season 3 was believed to include free cards, plenty of in-game grind content, and lots of exciting features to match one of the most spectacular times of the year.

New cards are even released on weekends. And 2K released less powerful versions of some of the best-known NBA players, including LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Giannis Antetokumbu. It has been a very attractive season. NBA 2K fans have always had games to play, satisfaction, and goals to achieve. The game was active and fun. But ... there's no good reason to play the game.

In fact, it doesn’t match the quality of the third season of NBA 2K21. People have expressed that this season is the worst NBA 2K22 season to date.

"The content is too dilute." For fans who rush into Domination mode and get all the in-game rewards, there’s not much left to do. Unlike luck-based cards, which are not good to use in the game. TyDeBo, who won the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Unlimited Championship, said something similar in a recent video. The game is there. Sometimes new content comes up. But there are no big reasons to choose a controller and a game.

In addition, the Christmas Hoopsmas packages have aroused rage because they are based on an "RNG" or "random number generator". In the world of video games, this basically means that the prize is based on "luck." Opening a random package in the hope of winning a prize is a lucky move. And adding more Moment cards - based on real-life NBA moments - can make the game more fun.

For the MyTeam community, it’s something in between. It's a new card milling process. It is a new reward system that does not depend on luck. They are digital cards based on real-life moments in the NBA. Fans demand more this Christmas.

That’s why so many people are shocked by the limited content of season 3 of the NBA 2K22. Still, if you want to keep playing better, you still need a lot of Cheap NBA 2K22 MT so that you can better accomplish your goals.