​Which became one after the other concluded on OSRS

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As thrilling as Fort Forinthry sounds, I am a good deal extra thrilling in wrapping up vintage quest traces first. I might virtually instead see a few storyline conclusions earlier than we flow onto the subsequent generation of RuneScape.

We have visible the advent and the of of entirety of as a minimum 4 separate quest traces because the ultimate gnome quest. To emphasize how weird this is: the Arposanadra storyline additionally tied into the dwarf, elf, and Dragonkin quest traces- all of that have already been concluded. It additionally tied into the monkey quest line, which became one after the other concluded on OSRS.

Menaphos ends on a cliffhanger with Amascut and the Kharid-Et. That became 5 years in the past.

The Sixth Age nonetheless isn’t finished, due to the fact that  factions- Armadyl and the Godless- by no means had their quests. Is Rite of Passage nonetheless in attention with out Mod Raven?

Let me placed it this manner: I recognize Fort Forinthry goes to be great. I very a good deal favored the Elder God Wars storyline, in addition to the Zamorakian Civil War. But isn’t it time to tie up a few free ends earlier than commencing but any other important storyline?

Quests virtually stimulated me to play the sport and I virtually loved lots of them, clannies made jokes like "there is lore on this sport?" and I failed to get the mentality till when I finished each quest and found out I slightly do not forget the lore.

Part of the cause it is so difficult to do not forget is precisely as you say, many questlines give up on cliffhangers after which by no means virtually finish the questline, and then you definitely simply kinda emerge as forgetting approximately it similar to the devs probable did someplace alongside the line.

Like I do consider lore and I can probable solution pretty some lore questions, however there is such a lot of black holes in there.

I suppose in a few feel the primary gnome quest is over, we determined Arposandra and stored Bolrie. They've been placing Arposandran retailers in lots of places (e.g. Prif, Seren's council, Ranch out of Time) so they're now no longer definitely forgotten.

I suppose instead of seeing a right away sequel to Prisoner of Glouphrie they may reboot the collection and RuneScape gold keep the tale withinside the contemporary generation (while pirates and vampyres had been retroactively 5th age)

The Amascut stuff is tied into quite a few different lore too, it is going to be a massive occasion once they ultimately come lower back to it and it'll want due weight. It will want to tie withinside the wasteland collection however additionally the relation we construct with Icthlarin withinside the sixth age, slayer and likely necromancy and Erebus of cheap OSRS gold. They have not executed those testimonies immediately but however they have got planted many seeds to be able to cause them to extra giant in time.

I might nonetheless love Rite of Passage, and Eagle's Peak ought to be transformed into an Aviansie settlement.