​What to do with Heart Candy in Dark and Darker

Just due to the fact you're exploring a number of the maximum treacherous dungeons doesn't imply there isn't time for love. A new Valentine's Day occasion is lively in Dark and Darker Playtest four, and gamers will probable begin locating a few scrumptious sweet hearts as they discover the winding caves and catacombs the name offers. What to do together along with your surprising developing stash of sweet, however, isn't without delay made clear — here's the way to use your Heart Candy in Dark and Darker.

Where to apply Heart Candy in Dark and Darker

Candy Hearts act as a completely unique currency, ostensibly confined to the Valentine's Day occasion which gamers presume can be an annual, ongoing occasion. You can use Heart Candy through clicking at the Merchants tab on the pinnacle and navigating to a brand new service provider named Valentine. Interestingly, this service provider seems to be a pastime of Saint Valentine, and is the reason the unusual headwear.

Merchant Valentine has a wealth of high-powered gear, all of which look like red with a couple of suffixes and attributes bestowed upon the wearer. You'll want to accumulate some Heart Candies earlier than you begin spending, however —

Valentine has a tendency to common round 25 Heart Candies according to object sold. With how uncommon the sweets presently are outdoor of the High Roller dungeon, this indicates you'll want to correctly extract some instances with Candy earlier than splurging.

Dark and Darker developer Ironmace seems greater than inclined to embody a couple of vacations with diverse events. The Alpha three playtest, which came about in past due December, located customers scouring the dungeons for Candy Canes, and Alpha four introduced approximately the Valentine's Day occasion that has customers attempting to find Heart Candy. The surprising power growth from the use of those occasion providers doesn't bitter the gameplay an excessive amount of for others — all of it finally ends up lower back withinside the dark, faster or later.

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