What makes the game of Apex Legends so popular

Feb-22-2019 Categories: Apex Legends

Eight hours after launch, the number of players in Apex Legends reached one million. Within 72 hours, the number of players exceeded 10 million. Within a week or so, the number of players reached 25 million. On Twitch, the biggest live-streaming platform outside China, 'Apex Legends' has stabilized at more than 300,000 viewers, leaving other games behind. EA, the company behind Apex Legends, has seen its shares rise as the us gaming industry has seen a collective fall in share prices.

'Apex Legends' was one of the biggest games of early 2019. Of course, many players are also having a difficult time with Apex Legends, as they did two years ago when the game first appeared. "Where did it come from? Why did it catch fire? What's so funny about it?" If you know anything about the call of duty series, you know that it's the game developer behind it, Infinity Ward, that has defined call of duty's place in the gaming world. In 2010, nearly half of Infinity Ward's core staff quit due to internal problems, and after quitting, they set up Respawn Entertainment, a new game company.

In early 2019, they launched Apex Legends, an escape game with a world view of titanfall. For most players, the Legends' popularity was inexplicable, as if the game landscape had changed overnight. This is no accident, however. At the heart of Apex Legends, of course, is the quality of the games it prides itself on. As a game company with experience developing "call of duty" and "titanfall" franchises, Respawn knows what it takes to make a shooter feel good. If you've played Apex Legends, you must have a feeling that everything from the controls to the shooting experience, from the graphics to the difficulty level, isn't too much of a problem. Even just a "sliding shovel" such a small play, let many older players feel a sense of excitement.

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The only criticism seems to be the ugliness of the characters. You can say that as long as you open up Apex Legends, accept the characters and then try to play two more games, you won't be attracted to them, but you certainly won't be able to hate them. Of course, the game that does not call well is everywhere, a game wants popularity, still need the help of other respect.

To do this, Respawn and EZ did two things. First, start live. One of the important reasons for the popularity of H1Z1, survival of the PUBG and fortress night is that they perfectly fit the type of game broadcast: escape kill. There's a similar story at Apex Legends in terms of gameplay. Respawn and EA did little to publicize the game, but after it was released, they invited the game's anchors, including Shroud and Ninja, to try it out. Then, as a matter of course, the heat for 'Apex Legends' exploded in the broadcast rooms of these big anchors.

Second, the game is free. It is hard to imagine that a shooting game that is so well produced and comparable to a 3A game could be started for free. The meaning of free games is not how much profit manufacturers are willing to give up to please players, but fundamentally lower the threshold for players to try the game. When tens of thousands of players heard in the studio that the game was free, the most common question they asked naturally changed from "is it fun?" to "where do I get off?" "Quality + live + free = hot style," EA and Respawn used this formula to create a myth for the early 2019 game world.

However, Apex Legends wasn't a success in remaking fortress nights. Some not so novel but very interesting gameplay content into the game in the "escape" of the old bottle, into the new wine. The biggest influence is the setting of hero roles and skills. Players need to re-select characters before entering each game. Each character has its own specific skills. Currently, there are 8 completely different characters to choose from. You can choose the bloodhound, which has its own tracking feature, or Gibraltar, which marks targets for bombing, or even a wet nurse and drops them with a big call. With the addition of these characters and skills, the game has a lot of gameplay that can be explored and tried in addition to marksmanship.

From the perspective of player experience, the most popular one is the postmortem resurrection. Yes, although this is a big escape kill game, but after the death of the player, can be teammates within the specified time to pick up the "dog card", in a specific position to revive. For anchors with good operation, it can make them stand up and show again. For anchors with bad operation, it can also make them laugh again.

In addition to these two significant differences, the game has also been optimized in some details, such as the fact that gun accessories are automatically attached to the gun when they are picked up, and the damage number can be seen when the player shoots the gun.

Of course, Apex Legends isn't perfect. There are also a variety of problems. Such as FPS game "stubborn disease" plug, such as the number of players came up after the server stuck, such as the game on the Origin platform download speed. Overall, though, the quality of the game and the overall performance of the game is worthy of its current popularity, and it is likely to be a replacement for survival of the last PUBG.