What do players think about "Fallout 76 new PvP mode, player vending"

Jan-06-2019 Categories: Fallout 76

On January 1, Bethesda briefly announced a number of new features for Fallout 76. We won't know the details of these features until the full patch description is released, but Bethesda says it aims to add player vending machines to the game and reveal new gamer to gamer mode details. This sounds like a great addition to the game, which stands out in any new development.

Now let's see what the players think about this.

Player 1:I don’t understand why so many people have been praising Bethesda as long as they have. Yeah, Skyrim and Fallout 3 were good games if you overlook the kind of launch day bugs and glitches that would sink another company (which people do), but for the last several years all they’ve done is make their games more broken, try to limit user made content and mods to only the stuff they can make money off, and resell skyrim with zero new effort or content for $60, over and over. Fallout 76 is just the most recent disaster; a lazy, broken mess that costs $60 and still has the nerve to throw a premium currency in your face.Both the game and the once great company have really declined, and the sooner people start to recognize that and stop shoveling money at them, the sooner they might feel inclined to actually put some effort into what they make again.

Player 2:That being said, the sooner they can allow people to run their own servers (and mods), the better.Practically every issue I currently have with the game would be avoided if I could remove everyone else (friends excluded) from the map. I bought into the experiment of multiplayer Fallout, I really tried to like it, but I keep going back to the "Hell is other people" mentality and run as far away from other players whenever I can. I’ve spent over a month playing the game in Path of Exile, please just give me the tools I need to make it a reality.

Player 3:From My perspective its because I don’t care that much about their games being broken at first, as I know Bethesda always misses alot of bugs before release and then Always makes sure to fix most of the worst bugs after release.And I dont care that skyrim was released more than once as most of thats just ports to new consoles… I dont think people are going to agree with you. Particularly with fallout 76 being only their second multiplayer title and it being a side project.

Player 4:Because their games have made the RPG experience accessible to the casual gamer. The massive success of Skyrim was due in part to its ability to get people into the action with out all of the rules and boring RPG mechanics that scare alot of people away. Is every game they make perfect? Absolutely not, and i agree that Bethesda needs to get better about getting the bugs out of their product before they ship it. Giving people a working product is pretty basic sales. Yet despite the glitches, every Bethesda game, yes even Fallout 76, has offered a fun experience in some form and thats what draws people in. Like you, i dont always agree with their decisions, and I too get frustrated with the business model mixed into their game economies. However, they still offer some of the most enjoyable games people have ever played (including Fallout 4), and as long as they continue to do that people will support them. Isnt that what its all about anyway?

There are always good and bad points of view, but we should believe that the general direction of development is good. I believe this game will be more fun! What do you think about that? And also welcome buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from here!