What are Old School RuneScape's abilities

Mar-29-2021 Categories: runescape

It's time to train your Old School RuneScape skills to improve your in-game experience. Get to level 99 and earn a chance to do more activities.

In Old School RuneScape there are also skills that you can improve and that will allow you to do various things within the game. In total there are 23 skills where you have the possibility to go up from level 1 to level 99.

Of course, as you progress through the game and level up in each skill, you can perform more tasks. Some of the Old School RuneScape skills can be enjoyed as a free member, and some are exclusive to Old School Bond members.

What makes Old School RuneScape different from other video games?

One thing that makes Old School RuneScape different from the others is that there is no class or skill limitation. That is, you can use archery, magic or attack at any time you want just by changing your weapons.

This allows you to face any situation in a different way and not suffer any disadvantage for a class that you have chosen at the beginning of the game.

Old School RuneScape skill types

The skills in Old School RuneScape are intended to fulfill certain goals. Some of these skills will allow you to make profits while you train them. In others you will need some investment to take advantage of the gameplay benefits.

Combat Skills

There are 7 skills that will help you when you fight. These types of classes will be of great use to you to carry out various missions and fight or defend yourself against other players and enemies of the game.

    ● Attack: This ability will affect the precision with which you fight in close combat. The higher level you have in this skill, the more likely it is that you will hit your enemies.

    ● Stregth: It is the force with which you damage your opponents in close combat. Each level you gain in this skill will increase the amount of probable damage you can deal to an enemy.

    ● Defense: The defense will help you resist the blows of your opponents. As you level up, your enemies will have less chance of landing their blows against you.

    ● Magic: Magic is an ability that will allow you to perform spells, both combat and utility. When you level up in this skill you will be able to use new spells that will help you do things like create fire, transport yourself or turn your objects into money.

    ● Ranged: With this ability you will become an archer capable of fighting at a distance using bows, crossbows and other similar weapons.

    ● Prayer: This ability will grant you statistical bonuses when fighting. When you level up in this skill you will unlock each of the sentences. Some of them will allow you to block melee, magic or ranged attacks.

    ● Hitpoints: Training this skill will increase your life points. You can raise the skill in conjunction with the other combat skills.

Gathering Skills

These types of skills will allow you to obtain resources that you can use and trade. These skills will get you to generate profit after a certain level.

    ● Mining: This ability will allow you to obtain minerals and gems in the rocks and mines that you find in Gielinor. Each level that you manage to climb in this skill will make you extract the minerals faster. You also have the opportunity to make a profit by selling these minerals.

    ● Fishing: With this class you will be able to fish in the different lakes and rivers of Gielinor. Fishing is going to help you a lot to get food. And as you level up you can access better fishing areas.

    ● Woodcutting: With this skill you will be able to cut down trees and collect wood. When you manage to level up, you will have access to new types of trees that will give you more experience.

    ● Hunter: With this ability you will be able to hunt different creatures in areas scattered throughout Gielinor. When you train the skill you are going to use different types of traps to capture the creatures and get experience.

    ● Farming: This ability will allow you to sow seeds to care for and reap their fruits. Unlike other classes, you can train farming passively since you can leave the seeds planted and collect their fruits after a certain time has passed.

Crafting Skills

These skills will be useful when processing or combining elements to obtain something new and use or sell it. For this type of skills it is not necessary to spend so much money because you can reinvest the gold you get when selling the objects obtained.

    ● Cooking: With this skill you can cook raw food. In the first levels of cooking it is very likely that you will burn your food, but when you advance in level you will burn less food.

    ● Smithing: With the smithy you will be able to create any type of metallic elements. As you advance in levels you will be able to forge new equipment.

    ● Fletching: This ability will allow you to create ranged weapons and ammunition. When you have an advanced level in Fletching you can use methods to gain experience that will earn you OSRS Gold.

    ● Firemaking: When you need to cook something without fire around you, you can use this ability to ignite the wood you have in your inventory. The time it takes to light the wood will depend on the type of wood and the level you have reached.

    ● Herblore: With this class it is possible to create potions for all kinds of uses. The most common potions are those of prayer and stamina that will help you in any type of combat and reach your destination faster.

    ● Crafting: This class has the objective of creating different artifacts such as jewels and equipment that will be useful to you in the game. You can also profit when you already have a high level of the skill.

    ● Runecraft: This skill is one of the slowest to climb, but it is very valuable since you can create any type of runes to perform spells. In addition, with this ability you can generate gold as you train it.

    ● Construction: Construction is very useful because it gives you the opportunity to decorate your house in the way you prefer. When you level up you will gradually unlock new furniture and rooms for your house.

Support Skills

These Old School RuneScape abilities do not fall into any of the above classifications, but they all have different mechanics that provide a better gaming experience.

    ● Agility: Agility is an ability that allows you to recharge your energy faster. You can train the skill in the agility courses that are distributed throughout Gielinor.

    ● Hieving: This class will grant you the benefits of being able to steal food stalls and game characters, you can also disarm traps and force doors.

    ● Slayer: The Slayer is an ability that will grant you tasks to assassinate a specific type of enemy. Each task you complete will give you certain points to acquire exclusive Slayer items.