Ubisoft: After "Breakpoint", there may be three masterpieces

May-21-2019 Categories: news

Ubisoft officially announced that "Tom Clancy's GhostRecon: Breakpoint" will be officially launched on October 4 this year, landing on the PC, PS4, XboxOne platform. This open-world military shooting game is a new work in the "Tom Clancy's GhostRecon" series. It also has a single-player, multi-player collaboration mode (up to 4), and the PvP mode will be open to the first day. "Tom Clancy's GhostRecon: Breakpoint" has attracted a lot of attention from players. However, "Tom Clancy's GhostRecon: Breakpoint", which went on sale in October, may be just the beginning of a wave of Ubisoft games "heats waves."

According to the official recent performance report, Ubisoft may launch three more works in the next year. As for the new IP or series, there is no mention. These three unpublished works are expected to debut from January to March 2020. Why do you say that? Because players familiar with Ubisoft's strategy should know that this year, Ubisoft launched three games, Trials Rising, The Division 2 and Far Cry: New Dawn. So what exactly are these three games? At present, everyone can only speculate that today Dr. takes everyone to look at it.

"Watch Dogs" is Ubisoft's 2013 3A heavyweight (posted to 2014 due to Ubisoft's optimization and polishing of the game), using the new AnvilNext engine to create a vast and open world! The game is recognized by the industry as the door to the next generation of games with its high degree of freedom, excellent game quality and rich game content. The game was named IGN's best shooting game of the year. The second generation was released in November 2016. It’s been a long time since then, and the chances of Watch Dogs3 are great.

According to the news, Ubisoft will launch the sequel to the Assassin's Creed series in 2020, and the story of the game will take place in Italy. About Assassin's Creed's new work in 2020, the news said that the game's development code is "Legion", which will appear on PS4, XboxOne and rumors of the PS5 and the new generation Xbox. In this game, players will play a descendant from the protagonists of Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The news also pointed out that Assassin's Creed Legion will continue the trend of recent RPG elements and similar stories.

The Splinter Cell series hasn't been updated for a long time, but Julian Gerighty, producer of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, recently said on social networking sites that he has been developing a new series! Although the official quickly came out to clarify that this is just a joke, but most players and related people still believe that the game has indeed entered the development stage.

Skull & Bones, which is still in the development stage, still has not made much progress after the E3 exposure in 2017. The plan that was originally scheduled to be launched in 2018 is postponed to 2019. It has been announced again in the near future and will not be extended. This year's E3 show debut. So the possibility of "Skull & Bones" is much smaller than the above three games.

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