Throne and Liberty Weapon Tier List (2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive weapon tier list for Throne and Liberty, the MMORPG sensation from Korea. Since its release a few months ago, the game has seen significant updates and balance changes, influencing the effectiveness of various weapon combinations. This tier list will provide insights into the best main hand and off-hand weapon combinations as of the February 21st patch.

Understanding the Tier List

Before diving into the rankings, it's important to Throne and Liberty Lucent note that weapon tiers can fluctuate with balance patches. This list reflects the current meta and should be used as a guide. However, always prioritize playing with weapons and combinations you enjoy, as personal preference and playstyle are crucial in Throne and Liberty.

S-Tier: The Pinnacle of Power

1. Longbow + Dagger

Why It’s S-Tier:

High Burst Damage: The Longbow excels at dealing massive single-target burst damage, ideal for quickly eliminating key targets in both PvE and PvP.

Crit Rate Passives: The Dagger provides essential critical rate passives that enhance the Longbow’s damage potential.

Max Range Advantage: This build benefits greatly from maintaining maximum range, allowing players to stay safe while dealing consistent damage.

Easy to Play: Despite its power, this combination is user-friendly, requiring knowledge of rotation and synergy to master but accessible for most players.


The Longbow + Dagger build is stationary, relying on staying at the maximum range to buying throne and liberty lucent utilize all passive benefits. Precision and timing are key, as is understanding the optimal skill rotation to maximize damage output.

A-Tier: Highly Effective Choices

2. Greatsword + Shield

Why It’s A-Tier:

Balanced Offense and Defense: The Greatsword offers substantial melee damage while the Shield provides defensive bonuses, making this combination versatile for various combat scenarios.

Survivability: The added defense from the Shield allows players to stay in the fight longer, making this combo excellent for solo play and tanking roles in groups.

Stunning Capabilities: Many Greatsword abilities include stuns or knockbacks, controlling the battlefield effectively.


This combination is best suited for players who enjoy a frontline role, dealing significant damage while absorbing enemy attacks. Effective use of stuns and defensive skills can turn the tide in challenging encounters.

3. Staff + Tome

Why It’s A-Tier:

High Magical Damage: The Staff excels in dealing powerful AoE and single-target magical damage.

Support Capabilities: The Tome enhances the Staff’s capabilities with additional magical buffs and debuffs, making this a strong choice for support roles.

Versatility: This combination allows players to adapt to various situations, providing both damage and utility to their team.


Players using the Staff + Tome combination should focus on positioning to maximize the impact of their AoE spells while keeping an eye on their team’s status to provide timely buffs and debuffs.

B-Tier: Solid but Situational

4. Dual Axes

Why It’s B-Tier:

High Sustained Damage: Dual Axes provide continuous melee damage output, ideal for sustained fights.

Mobility: The mobility skills associated with this combination allow players to maneuver around the battlefield effectively.

Lack of Defense: The primary drawback is the lack of defensive options, requiring players to rely on evasion and positioning.


This combination is for aggressive players who can dodge and weave through enemy attacks, maintaining high damage output while avoiding incoming damage.

5. Spear + Buckler

Why It’s B-Tier:

Reach and Control: The Spear offers extended reach and control over opponents with its thrusting attacks.

Defensive Utility: The Buckler provides some defensive benefits, though not as substantial as a full Shield.

Niche Uses: This combination excels in specific situations, such as dueling or controlling key points on the battlefield.


Players should utilize the Spear’s reach to keep enemies at bay while using the Buckler for quick defensive maneuvers. This combination requires strategic positioning and timing.

C-Tier: Requires Expertise

6. Flail + Orb

Why It’s C-Tier:

Unique Mechanics: The Flail offers unusual attack patterns that can be difficult to master.

Orb Utility: The Orb provides utility benefits, but they are situational and less impactful compared to other off-hands.

High Skill Ceiling: This combination is powerful in the hands of an expert but underperforms for most players.


Mastery of the Flail + Orb requires deep understanding of its mechanics and precise execution. It’s suited for players who enjoy a challenge and can exploit its unique strengths.

7. Bow + Quiver

Why It’s C-Tier:

Steady Damage: The Bow offers consistent ranged damage but lacks the burst potential of the Longbow.

Limited Synergy: The Quiver’s bonuses are less impactful compared to other off-hands.

Requires Patience: Success with this combination depends on patience and positioning.


Ideal for players who prefer a more methodical approach to combat, focusing on maintaining steady pressure from a distance while avoiding direct confrontation.

The weapon tier list for Throne and Liberty offers a snapshot of the current meta, highlighting the most effective combinations for end-game content. While the Longbow + Dagger stands out as the top choice, other combinations like the Greatsword + Shield and Staff + Tome offer viable and enjoyable alternatives. Always keep in mind that balance changes can shift these rankings, so stay updated with patch notes and play what you enjoy most.

Remember, the best weapon combination is one that suits your playstyle and keeps you engaged in the game. Explore different combinations, understand their synergies, and find the perfect match for your adventure in Throne and Liberty. Happy hunting!