This PS5 exclusive game is worth playing

May-05-2021 Categories: news

Sony’s next-generation console PS5 has been in short supply since its official launch in November 2020. The exclusive games on the platform "Demon's Souls Remake" and "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" have all been favored by players. . In order to maintain the competitiveness of PS5, Sony has also prepared some exclusive game masterpieces to escort it, and the work that Sony has recently promoted is "Returnal".

"Returnal" was developed by the Finnish game studio Housemarq. In the past, they have produced works such as "Super Stardust", "Nex Machina" and "Resogun", which are not well-known, but have a certain degree of playability, and their research and development capabilities have been affirmed by Sony. This time, "Returnal" brought out by Housemarq will not disappoint the players either. After the personal experience, I found that although this game has some flaws, the overall quality is still good and it is worth playing.

The background story of the game is very interesting. It tells that a space scout named Selene accidentally came to a planet, where she discovered the so-called alien civilization, which needs to survive in a constantly changing environment, and the most The mystery is: She found her body and recording! Why does Selene return to the beginning every time he dies? This is the truth that players need to discover. While the story is full of appeal, it also cleverly applies the Roguelike gameplay!

"Returnal" combines Roguelike gameplay and third-person shooting gameplay. After each death, the player will lose all progress (weapons, props, etc.) in addition to the permanent ability enhancement previously obtained. The third-person shooting gameplay is very familiar to us. All kinds of creatures on aliens are deadly and dangerous. Accurate shooting and dexterous positioning can survive smoothly.

What's interesting is that every time the protagonist dies and restarts, the game map will be regenerated automatically; the combination of weapons and props that players can obtain is also different, and everyone needs to learn how to use the resources at hand to challenge different enemies. In fact, these gameplays are the basic elements in Roguelike games, but Roguelike products built with 3A quality like "Returnal" are still very rare.

As a PS5 exclusive game, the screen effect of "Returnal" is great, coupled with the smooth combat of 60FPS, it makes people want to stop. The firearms in the game are diverse and have their own characteristics. The shooting feel is naturally different, and the PS5 handle can perfectly show the difference in feel. Coupled with the so-called 3d sound effects, it can be said that "Returnal" has been specifically optimized and adjusted for PS5 in production.

"Returnal" also has a combat feature, that is, there are a large number of "Neil-style" barrage attacks in the game, but the player's movements are not as flexible as 2B and A2. The only means of movement are running, jumping and emergency avoidance with CD time. , When you perfectly avoid the enemy's attack, you will have a very sense of accomplishment! In addition, the game's UI design is also very good, simple and clear.

Let's talk about the shortcomings of the game. The description of the game can be more detailed. After all, the players who will experience this game are not all Roguelike veterans. For example, after entering some specific rooms, although they have obtained key objects, they can’t find a way to leave, and they will get stuck. Wait in the room. To sum up, in addition to the protagonist aunt who is a bit unpleasant, "Returnal" is an excellent work with good graphics, operations, stories, and battles. If you don't reject Roguelike gameplay, then I suggest you play it. Of course, first you have to have a PS5! To learn more about the latest game news, welcome to our news page!