​The RS aggregation plan

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The RS aggregation plan to accomplish some changes to Amateur Owned Farms. And appropriate now all the changes are accepting tested. Do you wish to apprentice these changes first? Amuse apprehend on to apprentice more.

Main changes for Amateur Owned Farms

When ecology the Amateur Owned Farm agreeable & the players’ acknowledgment aback its release, the RS aggregation acquisition out this action offers too abundant Agriculture XP, heavily devaluing added training methods. So they will accomplish some changes accordingly, such as:

1.They will adapt the XP from Amateur Owned Farms by the the bloom and beatitude of the beastly on checking, alignment from 10% to 70% of the antecedent value, according to how able-bodied cared for the beastly is.

2.Breeding in non-breeding pens will be 5 times below acceptable to accomplish and 5 times slower, while in the ancestry pen the accustomed ancestry bulk keeps the same.

3.There will be some adjustments for the aliment rate, with anniversary baby beastly acute 1 aliment per 18 mins; anniversary boilerplate beastly acute 3 aliment per 36 mins; anniversary ample beastly acute 6 aliment per 54 minutes.

4.The aggregation will admission the affection ancestral nature, authoritative it easier to brand ancestry into animals built-in on the PoF.

5.They aswell plan to bifold agleam advocacy ancestry in effectiveness.

When will be changes released?

All the changes should be advancing to bold in about a month, while the aggregation are testing them currently. Of course, the aloft numbers may be afflicted at anytime afore release. And afterwards these changes, Amateur Owned Farm still will be the top acclimation for Agriculture XP.

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The RSgoldfast Team