The pros and cons of Monster Hunter Rise being very friendly to new players

Apr-20-2021 Categories: news

The latest work of Capcom's "Monster Hunter" series "Monster Hunter Rise" has been well received by players since its launch at the end of March. The game experience is very smooth, and the system has also been simplified and adjusted. It is very friendly to novices, allowing many to play for the first time. Players can also get started quickly. These advantages are directly reflected in sales. "Monster Hunter Rise" sold 5 million sets in the first week!

"Monster Hunter Rise" is indeed a successful game. Does it have no shortcomings? The answer is obviously no. "Low entry-level" is actually a double-edged sword. While it attracts new players, it also makes some old hunters feel uncomfortable.

Regarding the advantages of "Monster Hunter Rise", everyone has reached a consensus. The newly added "Xiang Insect" system makes the characters' movements more diversified, and the player's degree of freedom has also increased a lot! In addition, in response to many players’ opinions that "monster difficulty has become lower", some people think that "hunters have become stronger" because the strength of the monster itself has actually not changed much. Some monsters can still kill players in seconds, but the game has added "Xiang". After "Insects" and "Royal Dragon", the character's combat effectiveness has increased sharply, giving players the feeling that the difficulty has fallen.

In addition to the changes in the combat part, the changes in the "collection" area have actually implemented the design idea of "lowering the threshold". The collection of ore, bugs, honey, etc. simplifies the process and abolishes the setting of hot and cold drinks. The troublesome things of going to the battle area and forgetting to bring things and then being forced to return to the tent or stronghold will never happen again.

The above changes naturally make new players and some old players happy, but some old players feel that "Monster Hunter Rise" is indeed easy to use, but the sense of substitution is a bit worse. In other words, the game tastes a bit wrong! Each player has a different experience and feelings for the same product due to different game experiences and eras. If you are a loyal player of "Monster Hunter", "Monster Hunter Rise" will really have an impact on you, because compared to the previous game, the changes are indeed a bit big.

It cannot be denied that some old players actually enjoy the various "inconveniences" brought about by the system in the old works. There is no reply medicine in the store. They need to collect materials from the map to make them. This design is quite like some survival games. When you go through the "tribulations" and finally defeat the monsters, your sense of accomplishment will naturally be higher! The more convenient the system is designed, the more difficulty the game is reduced in disguise, and the sense of accomplishment in defeating monsters will also decrease!

The evolution of the design of online games, the addition of convenient functions such as "automatic monster-killing", "automatic pathfinding", "automatic task" and so on does make us feel comfortable and smooth when playing games, but the relative sense of substitution is not high. It is easy to be boring and abandon the pit. And the old online games that have been talked about by players so far are "the threshold is quite high." Sometimes players find an NPC to look for for a long time, but they still enjoy it.

Of course, "Monster Hunter Rise" still finds the balance of the game very well. The design is not too extreme, and "lowering the threshold" does have a good effect. As for the previous description, I personally don't think it is a shortcoming, but the changes that old players need to adapt to under the changes of the times.

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