The Mysterious Pages of Elden Ring: A Blend of Servitude and Warfare

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Among the various intriguing aspects of the game, the enigmatic Pages stand out as unique characters that bridge the roles of knights and servants. In this article, we will delve into the lore surrounding these fearsome warriors, exploring their distinctive appearance, combat skills, and their ambiguous position in the lands.

Unassuming Servants

Unlike Knights who proudly display the crests of their demigod masters, Pages possess a rather unremarkable appearance. Clad in drab brown coats and hoods that obscure their faces, they appear out of place in the diverse factions of the lands between. Their unassuming garb reflects their purpose as servants to the nobility, remaining anonymous while carrying out their duties. The clothing, tailored with precision, symbolizes their commitment to keeping their masters out of harm's way.

Real-World Parallels

To understand the significance of Pages in Elden Ring, it is worth drawing parallels with their real-world counterparts. In historical context, pages were young sons of nobility who served as apprentices, learning from their lords in preparation for their futures. They performed various daily chores and accompanied their masters in war, gaining knowledge and skills in diverse areas. Similarly, the Pages in Elden Ring display traits reminiscent of their real-world counterparts, including an inclination towards music, as seen in their flute-playing.

A Unique Fighting Style

Pages in the lands between are formidable warriors, trained in the use of two distinct weapons: the slim blade known as an s stock and a crossbow. The stock, a piercing sword with a long, hard blade capable of slashing attacks, allows for nimble and precise strikes, emphasizing speed and flourish over brute force. Their crossbows, although requiring less skill, utilize bolts created with perfumer techniques, adding fire damage upon impact. The trust placed in Pages is evident, as they are often stationed in areas without perfumers to create these specialized bolts, indicating their resourcefulness and adaptability.

The High Pages and Upward Mobility

Within the realm of Elden Ring, there are rare instances where Pages ascend to become High Pages, signified by their regal white clothing. These select individuals are chosen by the nobles they serve for special privileges. Although their fighting style remains the same, except a crossbow capable of firing three bolts simultaneously, the significance of this distinction remains unclear. Speculations suggest that it may involve higher responsibilities or trust placed in these particular Pages.

The Sinister Conditioning

One notable distinction between real-world pages and those in Elden Ring lies in the selection process. While historical pages came from noble families and underwent education and training as a path to advancement, Pages in the lands between are plucked from obscurity, regardless of their background or abilities. They exist solely to serve their masters, becoming mere extensions of their will. Their hooded appearance takes on a sinister tone, reflecting their dehumanization and unwavering loyalty to the nobles.


The mysterious Pages of the Elden Ring serve as a unique blend of servitude and warfare. Clad in unassuming attire, they remain anonymous servants of the nobility, wielding their slim blades and crossbows with deadly precision. Unlike their real-world counterparts, Pages in Elden Ring lack upward mobility, forever bound to their role. Their existence revolves solely around serving their masters, highlighting the deeply rooted conditioning imposed upon them. As players venture through the lands, the true nature and purpose of the Pages remain shrouded in mystery, inviting speculation and exploration.

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