The lawsuit is constantly, "Fortnite" has been accused again

Oct-09-2019 Categories: fortnite

Fortnite's "Dance Step" copyright turmoil, telling the world's most popular big escape game "Fortnite"(Wikipedia) because of too much fire, followed by a variety of lawsuits. For example, the dance steps in the game can also trigger a copyright lawsuit.

Time has come, and Fortnite is still the most profitable shootout game in the world. You may notice that its development company Epic Games has been accused! Montreal, Canada Calex Légal Law Firm has recently been appointed to file a lawsuit against Epic Games on the grounds that the developer has created a "drug-like addictive" game called Fortnite.

According to a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a pair of parents appointed a lawyer's representative to file a lawsuit against Epic Games, saying that the "Fortnite" game content induced a dopamine addiction reaction to adolescents' vulnerable brains, making it difficult for children to quit. Addiction. Calex Légal Law Firm appointed lawyer Alessandra Esposito Chartrand: After careful study, we believe that the case has sufficient grounds for litigation. The three major smokers' class actions in March this year told us that notification and warning are very important corporate responsibilities.

In early March of this year, the Quebec Court of Appeal of Canada ruled that in the class actions of the three major tobacco groups “Imperial Tobacco Canada”, “RBH” and “JTI-MacDonald”, the three major tobacco companies were required to compensate 100,000 smokers, and the compensation amount may be Up to 15 billion Canadian dollars, the reason is that after the internal data review, it shows that consumers can not know the risk of smoking, so the court found that tobacco companies have long known the relationship between smoking and lung cancer, but informed and warned consumers, and even the judgment was established.

Lawyer Chartrand added that the design of Fortnite is mostly addictive, and Epic Games recruited psychologists during the development of Fortnite, and they are committed to making games addictive. At the same time, the parents’ testimony is: “If we knew that the game was so addictive and even ruined the child’s life, we would not let them play Fortnite, or we would take care of them more carefully.”

The Litigation Letter also highlighted the “Gaming Disorder” study published by the World Health Organization (WHO), which classified game addiction as a mental illness. This point in the previous article "Playing games affects life is a disease, and game addiction is officially included in the".

The plot of the novel is not ups and downs, the readers will not like to watch; the plot of the movie is not well designed, the audience will not buy it; the content of the game is not fun, the player will not enter the pit. It’s not fun, the game is dead; fun, people say that you are addicted, you also need to warn the player before the game, “The game is easy to addiction, please pay attention”, it is really dumbfounding. Parents’ testimony is to give their education negligence to the game, perhaps they just want to knock on a bamboo stick. This wave of I stand "Everybody sitting at home, pot from heaven", what about you? Welcome message in here.