​The Best OSRS Money Making Methods for AFK

May-11-2022 Categories: runescape

If it's beginning to get late in the day, and you're not satisfied with the OSRS GPA you've accomplished, you're unlikely to decide to stop. You don't want to find a place to Buy OSRS gold to compensate for the loss however there aren't enough hours during the day. When you play games such as Old School Runescape, the things that are time-based are constantly at your back, especially when you consider how much is used up. While we'd like to, we simply can't just sit around all day and evening accumulating sufficient OSRS gold to be wealthy, which is the reason why many people choose AFK methods for making money. If you'd like to find out what these methods are and how to use them, read on.


A skill that is old-fashioned that is now part of the game Woodcutting is one that could be extremely useful in earning money while AFK. Set aside the earnings for a moment and a third time, the wood you cut can prove extremely useful for other tasks like fletching, construction, and more.

Now we can get back to making money and we can earn an impressive profit from finding Magic trees that can be found at level 75. The key to success is to be aware of the kind of trees to cut down to earn the highest profit. To begin, head towards the Hosidius House close to Great Kourend. There's a bank in the vicinity as well for added convenience this method.

After arriving, you will find a Magic tree and swing it. Soon, you'll be racketing up magical logs that could be an incredibly lucrative OSRS gold-earning machine while you lounge, chat with others, or even lie down.

Karambwan Fishing

If you're looking for a straightforward but profitable AFK method We are going to go fishing. In particular, we're likely to do Karambwan Fishing, since this is a great way to earn OSRS gold. To be able to do this it is necessary to require accessibility to Fairy Rings, as well as the Ring of Dueling, plus the Karambwan vessel and more than 300 Raw Karambwanji.

The first step is to make use of the DKP number on a Fairy Ring that you can connect to. Head to the fishing spot and then use your Karambwan Vessel to load up your tank with as many species of fish as you are able to carry. When you're finished, teleport yourself to the Castle Wars and bank the fish you've taken. Once you are done, return to Castle Wars to repeat the process. The reason this is among the most effective fishing techniques over other methods is that the Karambwans will always be in the same spot and this makes it an extremely efficient AFK method to collect plenty of OSRS gold.

Cooking Sharks

This technique isn't only for sharks, as it is advisable to cook everything you can while playing OSRS. Since the food you cook will yield a huge income and this is an ideal option to test out. In order for it to take effect, you're likely to have to figure out what type of food the people are purchasing.

When it comes to general OSRS earning lobsters are extremely profitable however, it's sharks in actual fact which are the most efficient to consider in this article. This is due to the fact that you can earn more than 100.000 OSRS gold in one hour simply by purchasing 1.000 raw sharks and then cooking the fish before selling them off. Now that you've learned the method how about you quit the game and run some things to do? Catherby Range along with Catherby Range and the Cooking Guild are good locations to practice this method if you are looking to get the most possible use of the time you have.

There are three excellent methods for you to employ to acquire Runescape gold in the field. Before you try to locate a store that has OSRS gold available for sale take a look at these three methods a try. Perhaps you have tasks, homework, or even socializing working on and you're required to put the game down for a while. If this is the case, there's absolutely no reason why you should not capable of making a substantial profit while doing it. This gives you more time to experience the numerous adventures OSRS will bring you, without worrying about the arduous task of earning money.

Have you tried these OSRS methods for making money with AFK? Let us know your thoughts!