The 7 most MMORPGs in 2019 on Twitch

Jan-01-2020 Categories: news

It's fun to observe, but also to play MMORPG how others do it. The 7 most well-known MMORPGs on Twitch in 2019, in the following article, we will share information about which endeavors of this genre would be the largest online platform. Twitch was chosen because it's the most popular at the moment. The 7 most well-known MMORPGs are games which had the biggest number of audiences on the platform in 2019. The listing is based on statistics, and the games are arranged in increasing order of hours.

Lost ark

Few players in Russia and abroad have not heard of Lost Ark.. The game can be described as a mix of MMORPG and Hack'n' Slash, where you want take part in PvP to fight cameras against hordes of monsters and learn more about the sea for treasures. The game looks like the Diablo series, but it has an open world and you may meet other players, complete quests, go through dungeons or fight with bosses. Over the last year, 11,000,030 hours of flowing from Lost Ark have been watched on Twitch.


As Twitch shows the project is just one of the grandfathers among online games and premiered in 1997, however, is still popular now. The game focuses on fighting with creatures and exploring the world, and is a sandbox with standard elements of the genre. Tibia was developed by four German students and managed to produce a fan base around itself. Although Tibia has existed for 22 years, 22,162,468 hours at 2019 reveal that it is still popular.

The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO)

The Elder Scrolls Online relies on the RPG series The Elder Scrolls and enables players with their friends to learn more about the world of Tamriel. You'll come across a lot of adventures, such as fighting dragons in Elsweyr and just a visit to Skyrim (the addon will be published at 2020). The Elder Scrolls Online focuses on the plot and you may also observe your actions' effects on the game world. For example, once an NPC expires or completes a quest. Twitch watched her 26,298,266 hours at 2019.

Final Fantasy XIV

But she can offer quests and an excellent plot, as well as unusual crossovers NieR: Automata. Incidentally, the latter left a lot of noise when objects that were themed began to increase the size of the buttocks. The game takes place in the dream world of Eorzea, which can be faced with dangers. And you and your friends can remove them. Final Fantasy XIV In 2019, players watched the adventures of streamers from the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV 31,917,263 hours.

Black desert

Launched in 2014, on PC on other platforms, MMORPG Black Desert came to many players' flavor. Basically, as a result of the detailed graphics, sandbox elements and character customization. The game's goal is to destroy creatures, craft and heroes. There is also guild wars PvP, various arenas and, more recently, dungeons. The amount of Dark Desert watches seen in 2019 is 33,614,869.

Old school runescape

The original MMORPG RuneScape is currently 18 years old. Not all changes have been in a position to please the veterans, although over time, it has transformed of course. The programmers of Jagex studio released a classic variant of Old School RuneScape, which is based on a really early build of the game. The game proved to be very popular and can be played on both PC and mobile devices. Players spent 61,489,797 hours 2019 watching others perform MMORPG Old School RuneScape(Runescape gold shop).

World of warcraft

Few haven't heard of MMORPG World Of Warcraft, because the game is easily the representative of this genre on the planet. Blizzard published it and since then seven additions have been acquired by it. Next in line is another. The Excellent success of World of Warcraft on Twitch in 2019 was also supplied from the classic version of World of WarCraft: Classic. A good deal of stories are connected with her and also the number of players nearly doesn't decrease from the start.