​Suggestions please on how to get these final 2 challenge stars

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Before I start, I need to finish something that I'll say one more time before I close. "Thank you all in advance for any ideas or assistance you could send my way!" I am sure it doesn't pay you to help others, but remember that your time spent taking the time to read and post is valued. To this point in my article... So , I am an avid completionist. If I don't earn the maximum stars, I repeat the same task over and over again seeking to determine why I am doing wrong, or to find the missing piece of information to complete it.

I'm close to the MUT phase in Madden 22. Very nearly ready declare, "Yes, my work is complete." ... however, it seems that regardless of what I do, I can't achieve 5 stars in the two missions which prevent me from completing every task.

The two missions, either by chance or sheer difficulty, appear to be part of this same set "Gridiron Guardians 2".

The first is "Giving the Best They Get". The requirement for the base "Rush through 45 yards over five minutes" was achievable at the highest difficulty and extremely easy to complete and completed it on the first time without needing to restart or any other. However , the two additional requirements for the bonus star include "45 yards in only three plays" rather than 5 or "Truck an a-tackler". The two bonuses can be accomplished, but when you combined, they could be an issue for me personally. The opponent is a buff giant who is quick and extremely strong, so it is difficult to get through him and if I try to truck another person, he will go with a sloppy duck immediately. Through many, many attempts I've figured out that I must waste the first game to get the truck moving and get as far as I am able to. Then on the second and third attempts, I will attempt to gain the remaining 35-40 yards. But I am always short. In the beginning, I attempted an alternative to squeeze yards from the first run, but I did not result in the truck to complete the play.

The other one will be "Battle of the House" and, on its face it appears to be easy and simple, and I've completed many more difficult challenges (including other long-distance tasks,) however, for some reason, I'm unable to achieve the star I want on the challenge. "Rush for at least 30plus yards this time." The difficulty is Pro and Competitive. OVR 87, so it shouldn't be challenging me, but it's.

My normal method to tackle these huge yard requirement issues is to throw at a high speed and acceleration and place him in front of an array of high OVR blockers that are enhanced with Pave The Way set for the ultimate run block protection and then run without a hit after breaking the first contact. But , for some reason, it isn't working for me with these two. My enemies are always there to catch me every time and that's not counting the times when they don't even allow me to get past them in the first place.

I was thinking to myself that these tasks could be accomplished using every playbook... however, I am beginning to think that perhaps my previous trusted Dolphins West Coast Offense playbook isn't enough for me in this situation.

Particularly, since the most reliable strategy to break open the defense involves an inside-handoff which puts my back in the facing of the most dangerous defense, making the play unusable in this situation.

In essence, both tasks require an intense long yard running game (preferably toward the outside in order to keep away from the guy who is nasty) as well as my previous regular plays from the Miami playbook aren't working so I'm forced ask if anyone has completed these two challenges successfully , and could suggest an alternative play or playbook I can obtain instead to complete these. If someone else was able to overcome these challenges using the Miami book like I did, do share your tips with me! Since I feel like I'm in a state of madness because I am trying the same techniques, seeing the same results, but hoping or expecting a different result.

Thank you all in advance for any advice or suggestions that you could pass my way! And best Mut 22 coins & Madden 23 coins for sale hot in MMOexp shop now, make an order now... good time.