"Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" Demo, found to be really like "Nioh"

Jun-23-2021 Categories: news

Final Fantasy not only launched a battle royale mobile game but also pixel remakes and soul games. The IP of "Final Fantasy" can be described as making the best use of it in the hands of Square Enix. At the E3 conference, SE announced the "Final" "Fantasy Pixel Remaster" and "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" are two new titles.

The latter "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" is a brand-new work developed by veteran Tetsuya Nomura and Kazunari Nojima in cooperation with the Team NINJA team. The fighting and gameplay are a bit "Nioh". So, is the real situation of the game, as everyone thinks, a soul game? The good news is: "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" was opened for trial on the first day of exposure. Players with PS5 in their hands can experience the game Demo.

If you don't have a PS5, then just take a look at today's brief introduction. The demo of "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" is similar to the previous experience version of "Nioh", and the content length is only one level. For experienced action players, it can be done in about 40 minutes. Although there is only one level, I still understand the game's combat system and features.

"Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" is a typical ARPG game. Players with two companions need to enter the castle to destroy the enemy. Unsurprisingly, the combat operation of the game is quite similar to that of "Nioh", with different combos. However, the settings of "Energy" and "SP" have been replaced with "BREAK value" and "Magic". When you block, the "BREAK value" will be deducted, which is reminiscent of "Sekiro". If the "BREAK value" is gone, it will be paralyzed and be slaughtered. This is true for players and enemies, so you have to empty the enemy's "BREAK value" as quickly as possible.

And there is a "soul defense" in the parry system, which is especially careful about the player's operation. Although the reduced "magic power" will be deducted, it can block all attacks except nirvana. If the trigger is perfect, the maximum magic power can even be increased to increase the degree of freedom of operation. Using "soul defense" to perfectly block the enemy's attack, and then empty the enemy's "BREAK value" is the core operation idea of ??"Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin".

Interestingly: "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" also pays special attention to magic attacks. When you are a magic professional, the operation is also very particular. Magic is not only attributed, but you can even adjust the range of magic according to the length of the charge (three gears). The practicality is much better than the onmyoji in "Nioh"! Seeing this, we know that "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" is a professional, currently it is simply divided into swordsman, magician and spearman.

Judging from the current level content, "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" is less difficult than "Nioh". Compared with the experience of "Nioh" where you can't stop avoiding and hang up at every turn, "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" players can face off against enemies, full of refreshment! In addition, monsters will drop equipment, which means that the equipment in "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" should be quite rich, and the equipment is also a kind of fun.

Because it is a demo, "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" has many flaws. The current optimization of the game has certain problems. The overall picture is a bit too dark, which means that the contrast or filter of the game picture needs to be adjusted. In addition, the plot is not very clear. Of course, a level can't tell too many stories. Overall, "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin" is an action game based on the world view of the "Final Fantasy" series and gameplay similar to "Nioh". It is very creative among the products of "FF" and can bring fans Come for a new experience! More game news herer!