​Some interesting points to me about Madden 23

A few interesting things to me:


- Evaluations. Each week during Free Agency, 3 Eval offers can be made. When they are activated, the offer is made to all players to choose to accept or decline contracts, or make a no-binding choice without having to wait that the entire week be pushed forward. This Each team will have more chances to move around and round with players in negotiations, and/or permit you to switch sides when you hear that the player isn't keen on joining your team.

This is great, finally we're not flying in the dark all the time.


All players begin with a set of three Motivations , but as an individual continues to play under an organization, they may change to better reflect their current circumstances.

I would like to see this turn out to be effective, for those who are deeply involved in our franchise It would be wonderful to see a player experience his motivations shift to "No State Tax" or "Mentor at Position" to "Super Bowl Chase" or "Closer to Home" at the age of 10-12 years old.


When you have reached 50% scouted of prospects, any unknown characteristics will be converted into a question mark into three-letter range. As you gather more information about a prospect and you reach 70% of scouting all remaining three-letter areas will transform into a two-letter variety.

Many would have become angry over the lack of progress in M22(probably me too) the correct decision would have been to defer making the changes to Scouting until Madden 23. It was evidently added in a beta state(at most) I would consider it to be an exciting new Franchise feature that will be available in M23. Anyone who wants more information, but have an incorrect evaluations based on Scouts scores are not going to be satisfied however for me Scouting is a good thing right now.


Draft Class Improvements

The draft classes were overhauled completely with Madden NFL 23. We performed a complete tune-up of every previous prospect template, and all of them have been updated to ensure that the classes and prospects are aligned more closely with the way their real-world counterparts normally play the game. Alongside our old prospects templates, we've also added more than 30 brand new templates that were created from scratch. The templates we've included include.

Generational Prospects

Generationals are exactly as they seem. They are built on one-time players who can take the league to the next level. They will enter the league with a rating of incredibly high in terms of prospect ratings and be guaranteed to have an X-Factor DEV characteristic. In addition that, they be the least likely to producing out of all our templates. Therefore, they'll be difficult to come across, but worth the long wait.

99 Club Prospects

These are not 99 all-around players. 99 Club prospects are players who can bring an elite level of skill into the NFL. We wanted them to be enjoyable, yet fairly real. That's why you won't find any players in the league who have a 99 rating for passing accuracy, and 99 awareness. There may be a quarterback who has 99 throw power, or a receiver who has 99 Amazing Catch, or a safety who has 99 hit power. This doesn't necessarily indicate that they're the best players, only that they excel in specific skills.

High Variance Prospects

High-variance prospects are real boom or bust opportunities. They have greater than average ranges of intangible characteristics, which increases the risk that they have in their OVR. This thinking process applies to the DEV characteristic, where we've made the players roughly an equal chance of being one of two: Normal and Superstar with a very low chance of being Star as well as Superstar X-Factor.

Specialist Prospects

Specialist Prospects are those who are somewhat out of the box and are able to break the mould of typical archetype prospects . They are often unique to their area of expertise or are specialized in a particular region. These kinds of prospects include quarterbacks that excel at play-action, edge and interior rushers with a lack of dimension, as well as linebackers who excel as run stopper or pass defense but have little to offer in other areas.

They're a fantastic addition. I'm hoping that the CPU teams can acknowledge the value that these players. 99 Club and the Specialists players.

Tuning, of course, will be the main focus, however I am a fan of the Franchise enhancements, particularly considering that I see Scouting as a brand new Madden 23 features.

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