RuneScape on Mobile & Ninja Strike 22!

Jun-15-2021 Categories: runescape

RuneScape on Mobile Launches on Thursday!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: RuneScape will be streamed live on iOS and Android devices on Thursday, June 17th.

Inspire yourself before the big event by joining Wednesday’s J-mods for all the dancing lyrical broadcasts as the countdown begins. If you’re lucky, it’s time to watch it by hitting the play button!

By the way, if you haven’t pre-registered yet, now is the time to do it! You get access to all the hitherto unlocked pre-registration bonuses - and remember, the more registrations we get, the higher the rewards! Come on, you know you look good in that Crux Eqal armor.

Ninja Strike 22: Familiar Intelligence

The Ninja team is back with plenty of improvements! This week, they targeted acquaintances.

First, many familiar basic behaviors have been improved! Auto rollers are now easier than ever, and some previously peaceful family members can now be asked to kill their enemies badly. It's time to take revenge on those unicorns!

Math enthusiasts from among you will be happy to hear that all familiar sessions are standardized every 16 minutes, making them an easy to remember and fun way to focus on your schedules. This change also affected Anachronia Summoning Totem, which now increases the duration of acquaintances by 16 minutes instead of last year’s mysterious “10%”.

The familiar interface has also been greatly improved, and perhaps the biggest changes are improvements to familiar scrolling. Scrolling activates a familiar special ability, and from this day on, automatic use of these scrolls is much easier. You can now set the number of automated attacks that a familiar user must make before scanning. Speaking of scrolls, all scrolls are renamed to the corresponding familiar name. We have named several familiar scrolls so that it is even clearer which family members they belong to. This makes it clearer to identify the scrolling and familiarity you need.

In addition, the UI has received some update invitations to be consistent with other nearby RuneScape UI elements. The icons are now larger than they are easy to see, and the new interface makes better use of space thanks to its more comfortable design.  The latest runescape game news is all at!