RuneScape On iOS and Android Mobile This Summer

Apr-27-2021 Categories: runescape

RuneScape will be officially launched on iOS and Android this summer, and you can pre-register on iOS and Android. Not only that, this time, Jagex also provides you with some sweet rewards!

After a long journey and unremitting efforts, RuneScape will be brought to the next platform! This is another important opportunity to increase the nationality of Gielinor, adding more beating hearts to a connected community and sharing the experiences of millions of people.

RuneScape is a unique MMO. A special life world full of infinite discoveries transcends the entertainment pixels on the screen and becomes a place full of people, connections, memories, and stories. This is a vital "magic", only you as a player can bring it, and our mission is to extend the tentacles to any place, now you can take the adventure with you.

Six months ago, when RuneScape launched the game on Steam, the world's largest gaming destination, you showed the power of this community spirit with spades. Your care, love, and help for every new adventurer who enters the door is an extraordinary moment for me-the result speaks for itself.

In the past few months, we have not only seen the initial peak in the growth of RuneScape members, but also a significant increase in membership and player activity on all platforms. Up to now, the number of members of RuneScape has reached the highest level since 2015 and hopes to break more records this year through the launch of Mobile. Together, we have ensured that the 20-year-old MMO that we all love has so many years in the tank, and there is no sign of slowing down, we can't wait to develop it to the next great moment!

Although this is great news, it is constantly moving forward-therefore, it is time for us to welcome new mobile players again. In the next few months, we will recruit as many people as possible to pre-register and prepare for our best launch day. Pre-registration not only means a warm welcome to the players on the first day but also helps Jagex introduce RuneScape to the world in the Apple App Store and Google Play-more well-known means more new adventurers have entered our dream world.

After this release, Jagex will prepare a series of special rewards for everyone, which will be unlocked for free based on the number of pre-registrations we managed to achieve. Pre-register RuneScape via Mobile on iOS (here) and Android (here) this summer to develop the world of Gielinor together. To learn more about RuneScape game news, welcome to our news page!