RuneScape Offers Construction Contracts Skilling Update

Nov-16-2020 Categories: runescape

RuneScape offers a better way to improve your construction skills called construction contracts. These contracts will help you help the residents of Gielinor with all of their construction needs, earning experience points and new items useful in the process.

Prior to this update, training your construction skills was all as you were stuck in your house working on personal projects with the left mouse button as fast as you could. However, construction is now a community effort with construction contracts. In these new quests, you will help people all over Gillinor with their building needs - fix their houses and fix their broken furniture.

Talk to a broker in Lumbridge, Varrock, Draynor or Edgeville to get started. They will all give you instructions on how to work on new contracts and show you the way to your first assignment. In addition to earning your usual building experience at a fraction of the cost osrs gold - and improving your skills in the world instead of your only home - you also earn lots of extra bonuses:

    ● Shelf Box: An expandable storage box that allows you to carry at least 25 additional panels of each type. After two upgrades, this capacity increases to 100 each.

    ● Achievements: Eight new achievements have been added, all related to the new contracts.

    ● Prime Construction Uniform: On November 17th, RuneScape will introduce the new Master Construction Outfit through Dressed to Skill - Treasure Hunter's offering to help complete your Elite Skilling Outfit. Items of clothing can be purchased using the Construction Credits you earn when completing Construction Contracts.

Earning a complete construction uniform - consisting of five pieces of clothing - gives you several benefits:

    ● Possibility to automatically remove furniture after assembly

    ● Turn logs into planks along the way

    ● Temporary build +3 boost

    ● Construction contracts - increase construction progress

    ● An opportunity to complete repairs to the construction contract immediately

    ● Unlimited switch to the current construction contract, gates to homes, homes and brokers

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