Runescape Ninja Strike 24: Combat Bonanza!

Jul-13-2021 Categories: runescape

whack! bam! capo! Ninja Strike 24 includes all things combat, all over Gielinor! RSorder will provide cheap runescape gold for every player!

But first, no adventure would be complete without a trip to the bank - and with five new free banks presets, it'll be much faster to sort out your combat gear. Yes, you heard right - members have 15 shiny bank presets waiting for them when they log in after today's update. To enjoy!

But wait there's more! We'd like to introduce you to 'Pause', an exciting new ability that lets you pause the fight with just one tap - for those times when hitting that big monster might be less helpful for you and your teammates! The pause lasts a maximum of six seconds and will:

   Pause Revolution

   Pause auto-retaliate

   Pause familiar auto-attacks

   Cancel a queued ability or special attack

   Immediately end an active channelled ability

   Cancel a charging Detonate ability

   Detonation force detonation

When the effect ends:

   Revolution will begin again

   Auto-retaliate will re-activate if it was turned on previously

   Familiars will resume auto-attacking

Speaking of time, we've also introduced a boss timer that makes tracking bosses easier than ever. You can enable or disable it from the Windows info settings menu, under "Boss Instance Timer", and move it into layout editing mode.

You will also notice that Scrimshaws of the same type and class can now be combined for up to 24 hours, and you can now customize how privileges are displayed on your devices. Be sure to check out the patch notes to see what's changed!