Runescape developer Jagex is acquired by the investment company

Jan-25-2021 Categories: runescape

With more financial muscle in the back, Jagex hopes to be able to accelerate the further development of Runescape, but also completely new games.

On January 4, 2001, the beta version of the fantasy game Runescape was launched. The game quickly became a success, largely due to the fact that it was programmed in Java and thus could be played through a standard browser on basically any computer. Today there is a sequel of the same name, but the nostalgia edition Old School Runescape is still the more popular.

I am so proud that Jagex is teaming up with Carlyle, a prestigious investment group that believes in the potential of Jagex, our vision for growth, and will support us in accelerating our multi-year growth strategy. We will continue to expand our game teams to create and deliver more great content for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We will continue to create exciting experiences for our players, grow our global communities, build new games to expand and further explore the RuneScape universe, lend our expertise to publish third-party games from like-minded online game developers, and invest in the incredible tech and talent that powers this all. - Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex

Now the company also announces the developer Jagex that it is acquired by the investment company The Carlyle Group. In a joint press release, CEO Phil Mansell writes that the acquisition enables Jagex to accelerate plans for the next few years, which include more content for Runescape and Old School Runescape but also brand new game titles.

RuneScape is one of the most enduring RPG franchises and has a fantastic and committed player base. We look forward to drawing on the full resources of Carlyle to support Phil and his team to continue to grow the existing RuneScape franchise as well as launching new, exciting ones. We believe with further investment and innovation, Jagex can build on its position as one of the most exciting video game developers for both existing and new generations of MMORPG players. - Michael Wand at The Carlyle Group

Acquisitions are nothing new for Jagex, which in recent years has jumped around between different owners. In 2016, the game developer was sold to a Chinese conglomerate and as recently as May 2020, the turn went to MacArthur Future Holding. Only eight months later, it is thus The Carlyle Group's turn to carry the torch on.

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