Ruler Arcana's versatility is fundamentally running super quick

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Ruler Arcana's versatility is fundamentally running super quick. Her expertise livelinesss make her seem as though she runs around a great deal and do fancy reverse flips, yet she doesn't actually MOVE from where she's standing. Like the ability where she runs takes her back to her beginning stage and her reverse flips don't actually move her.

That doesn't mean she's NOT portable since running super quick is in fact versatility as well.

Full Quickness hunger Harvester runs super quick however utilizes different versatility abilities, as in abilities that really MOVE her from where she's presently standing. My Yearning Collector has like, what, 4 runs/flickers?

Reason I put collector as the most reduced isn't really that her harm IS low, it's entirely great whenever played appropriately, it's more similar to Slayer and Arcana are simpler/more grounded expecting normal ish expertise level.

Slayer's simply broken over in Korea, there's an explanation I (and numerous others) are hypothesizing she gets nerfed on PTR this week (however tbf, her quickness fabricate is the one less inclined to get nerfed on the grounds that it's actually her spec construct that is Really broken).

Quickness Arcana's greatest harm abilities are postponed and even with full quickness, she actually has livelinesss that can undoubtedly miss.

Harvester's harm however is fundamentally toss it out overall quite speedy when it's all set.

There's such a large number of elements to consider in a genuine manager battle, severely thrashing the Trixion target faker amounts to nothing when your harm can miss or you want to stay away from harm in a genuine battle.

Like, in Trixion conditions, Harvester > Arcana (I think), yet Arcana has the advantage of being Gone and not expecting to backattack in a genuine battle. Collector would should pursue the manager's back and at times being totally incapable to bargain harm of Lost ark gold at because of not having the option to try and stir things up around town.

Class notoriety is... well... no doubt, that is not something you have some control over. By the day's end, all DPS classes can perform well when played well, yet it's unreasonable for the typical player to play classes to greatest potential.