Restore the real, three-point era, "NBA2K20" Demo demo

Sep-02-2019 Categories: nba 2k20

Recharge is everywhere, the quarterly income has broken 300 million US dollars, and the business has been very successful. It tells the sales volume of "NBA2K19" exceeds 12 million sets, setting the best sales record of "NBA2K" series! "NBA2K19" became the most profitable game of Take-Two in the season, completely crushing other popular games, such as "GTA5"!

The income is of course built on various recharge points to “force” the players to spend. The Steam rating of “NBA2K19” has been falling from the beginning of the sale, and now the overall negative evaluation has exceeded the positive evaluation by twice. Now, the new NBA2K series "NBA2K20" will be officially put on shelves on September 6. Would you expect it?(NBA 2K20 Wikipedia)

However, unlike football games, the NBA2K series in basketball games seems to have no competitors. Recently, "NBA2K20" launched the game Demo demo on the PS4 platform. I played a game of the new game system, I can't help but sigh: the current "NBA2K" is getting more and more true!

This "NBA2K20" Demo is mainly for players to experience the homemade player mode (MyPlayer system). Players in the NBA2K20 custom zone players have more freedom than before. In addition to the common appearance, body and other details can be customized, in line with the changes in the position of the basketball player, players will be able to match their role. There are four main categories of skills: the basket (final), shooting, organization and defensive/rebound. Players can match the player to their liking. For example, you can fill the three-pointer for your center and create an eneb. Players like De, Downs and Jokic.

At the same time, the potential of the character can be set according to the player's match point. Also in the basket, shooting, organization and defense / rebounding, choose and upgrade different skill badges, such as players with more points in the shooting, you can have more upgrade points in the item, let the character characteristics more obvious.

This time demo demo can play less content, only one game, 2K mainly wants players to experience their own players. In terms of pictures, the doctor did not feel much change, because the player modeling began with "2K16" and "2K17", which is almost the limit. If you want to see a significant improvement, you may have to wait for the PS5 to come out.

In the end, the reason why "NBA2K is now more and more true" is because "NBA2K20" completely restored the NBA's three-pointer era to the game. If you choose the center at the beginning, you will find that the two points can't catch up with the three-point rhythm; until you choose the shooting guard and start the three-pointer, you will understand that the NBA2K20 is also the three-pointer. With the pick-and-roll, as long as there is a little bit of space, with a good shot timing, the three-pointer's hit rate is surprisingly high.

Of course, the above is just the content of the game Demo, the full experience still needs to wait until September 6. Are you looking forward to it? And Where is the best place to buy NBA 2K20 MT? Welcome message here.