"Resident Evil Village" is indeed worth playing

May-12-2021 Categories: news

We know: "Resident Evil" is a game series launched by Japan's CAPCOM company. The first product was launched as early as 1996. After 25 years, CAPCOM has brought a brand new game "Resident Evil Village" to fans! After the game was launched, the number of players online at the same time on Steam exceeded 100,000, a record! In terms of content, "Resident Evil 8" ranked fourth in the historical series with about 10 hours of game time.

What is the relationship between Chris and Ethan? How do weird enemies such as werewolves and vampires appear? These questions require players to experience the game themselves to explore the truth. Regardless of whether you decide to start with "Resident Evil 8" in the end, I hope this article will help you.

"Resident Evil 8" and "Resident Evil 7" is in the same line, so for those players who have already played "Resident Evil 7", it will be better to feel substituted when playing "Resident Evil 8". CAPCOM also knows this well, and especially launched a bundled version. The doctor personally thinks that the price/performance ratio is quite high, and new players can consider it; in addition, the game continues with the first-person perspective gameplay, which may make some players dislike (dizziness), So I suggest you download the free trial version to try it out first.

After playing "Resident Evil 8", I personally feel that this game is "a masterpiece"! As mentioned earlier, it is inseparable from "Resident Evil 7", and the perspective is also the same; the merchant duke and the item synthesis system make people think of "Resident Evil 4"; the four men of "Miranda" have their own characteristics, and the game is not Mrs. Dimitrescu, who is very popular all over the Internet, reminds me of Mr. X or the tracker in "Resident Evil 2/3", while the Murloc has the style of four generations of monster fish and the scene of a puppeteer. The design is reminiscent of the first generation full of puzzle-solving elements, and to deal with the hammer, Heisenberg needs to reload firepower, which is exactly the same as the battle scene in "Resident Evil 5."

In terms of level design, the content format is to set off the characteristics of each boss. For example, the owner of the castle is Mrs. Dimitrescu, so the design of the castle emphasizes the pressure to make players feel the pressure of being pursued; and Benevento The home is full of elements that allow players to burn their brains to solve mysteries, which is another sense of horror. The disadvantage of this design is that the relevance is not high, and there is a feeling of stacking. The advantage is that the gameplay is diversified and the content is rich.

"Resident Evil 8" can be regarded as the finishing touch to the story of "Resident Evil 7", and the two together can be regarded as a complete story. At the same time, as mentioned above, "Resident Evil 8" incorporates many of the gameplay and elements of the previous games, which makes people very curious about what "Resident Evil 9" will look like. This is also a big problem in front of CAPCOM. After an IP has launched multiple series, it is actually difficult to maintain its "original appearance". Not to mention that the product needs to be innovated, the development team has changed several people!

Many players are complaining that there are too many supernatural elements in today's works, which can no longer be regarded as "Resident Evil". Actually, you don't need to worry about this. After all, the main racing theme of "The Fast and the Furious" has also become Commercial action movies dominated by gunfights and various special effects, as long as the game is fun and the quality is good, and "Resident Evil 8" is full of content, various details and elements are worthy of repeated experience, and it is a fun game.

Of course, "Resident Evil 8" also has some small shortcomings, such as some scenes will drop frames, the player will sometimes be blocked by enemy objects and so on. And some of the monster designs in the game are familiar. Some players found that one of the BOSS monsters with an upper-body similar to a propeller airplane engine is very similar to the monsters that appeared in the sci-fi horror movie "Frankenstein's Army" released in 2013, even the one from "Frankenstein's Army" Director Richard Raaphorst thought it was used without authorization.

At present, "Resident Evil 8" has received "extraordinary praise (94% of praise)" on steam, so I think this is definitely a game worth learning, but it's a bit expensive. To know more about the latest game news, welcome to our news page!