​PvP ranked is broken in Lost Ark

Apr-11-2022 Categories: Lost Ark

The system of ranked players within this particular game an utter mess... You're effectively punished at the beginning in the process... You are mixed with random level of skill. This is especially true if you are unable to get a good rng from the beginning, pretty much the time.

My friend was playing support, and he was flip-flopped so much it's not even hilarious. He's a decent player, but he's not able to simply carry games. He's losing twice as many points than he does winning. Check out ranked systems on other occasions. Start at the lowest point, but it's initially easy to climb up and get to your level.

In Lost Ark you start at the middle, and you are shocked at the beginning with a low scores. To climb, you'll must have a 100% win rate for a couple of hours of grinding. Additionally, you do not even receive bonus on consecutive wins, however there is a bonus negative points for losing streaks. If your the performance was superior, you'd be able to gain more than you lose... Of course you'll climb from the bottom of the barrel with a group of naive players who don't peel or only play solo.

This is a message to all or all of these Lost Ark mods/devs out there:

Start the game, and then finish your daily tasks;

Create queues in competitive,

Find yourself paired with IQ negative players on your team, and lose,

More you loose,, the lower the points you will earn in the event of a win.

Other players who are winners immediately gain more points as the years get older;

You can queue up to 100plus games of pvp to try and return to where you began,

One game won gets you 13 socre. Losing one results in -23,

Continue to be awaited by People who have been redacted;

What can I do to become a diamond player when the more I play, the more difficult it becomes for me to rise while those who play a few games can become diamond players in just 10 games.

It's the most ridiculous scoring system i've ever witnessed, and while i am critiquing it, i've got also a soluton:

Every game earns the same number of points even in the event of a win, however, more prestigious the ranking, the less points you will lose in the event of a loss.

Please correct your dog[redacted] matchmaking system. 

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