PSN cover image exposed, Capcom's "Resident Evil 3 RE" is really coming

Dec-05-2019 Categories: news

Media broke the news: Capcom is developing the Resident Evil 3 RE, which is expected to be launched next year. The well-known video channel Spawn Wave broke the news: Capcom has officially started the development of the "Resident Evil 3 RE". The official may release official news in the next few months It is expected to be launched in 2020. In fact, I think: "PROJECT RESISTANCE" and "Resident Evil 3 RE" were developed in parallel.

Later, I shared with you at the time of the Steam Autumn Sale, and Capcom released another picture, which caused a lot of fan discussion. Because in the picture, the heroine of the "Resident Evil 3" favorite Gill appeared again, more importantly she is standing in the C position! There is no "Resident Evil 3" in the Steam store. If "Resident Evil 3 RE" can be listed on Steam, it can explain the emergence of Jill.

The above are all news and speculation from the media or players, which have not been officially recognized. At the time of everyone's speculation, I don't know why, the official seems to have leaked important "information", "Resident Evil 3 RE" is really coming! Moreover, the mysterious "Z-Version" is also exposed, which may be the special content of "Resident Evil 3 RE".

This time it was the cover of the game! Based on observations and feedback from a player named "Nibellion", Gamstat, a PlayStation network intelligence station that tracks API information on the PSN online store, accidentally found the cover of "Resident Evil 3 RE" and Version Number!

We see: These cover pictures mainly highlight the existence of the famous enemy tracker (Nemesis), and in front are the well-known heroine Jill Valentine and the hero Carlos Oliveira. At the same time, one of the trackers only had "Z-Version" on the cover, presumably an extra special edition of "Resident Evil 3 RE".

At the same time, in the overseas game discussion forum ResetEra, a player named Dusk Golem shared a shape that was suspected of being Jill's in the game in the "Biohazard RE: 3" section. Dusk Golem did not disclose the source of the photo, but it can be seen that this should be everyone's goddess Jill.

After Resident Evil 2 RE won the Golden Rocker Game of the Year, it was also selected by TGA's Game of the Year lineup. At this point in time, so much news about Resident Evil 3 RE was exposed, and everyone couldn't help but guess that Capcom would probably officially release this major news at the TGA conference. I believe that the majority of players have been waiting for a long time! What are your thoughts on this article? Welcome to leave a message here!