PS5: After the first pictures and start date of the Playstation 5 geleaked

Sep-16-2019 Categories: news

The release of the PS5 is fast approaching: After leaked pictures from a patent application for the Playstation 5, the launch date might now have been revealed!

So slowly we can adjust to the next generation of consoles. At the latest in the coming year both Microsoft and Sony are likely to present the successors of the PS4 and Xbox One in detail to the public. Although there is already some information about the Playstation 5, but officially tried the console manufacturer from Japan so far tacitly to the main cornerstones of the PS5. After a sponsorship proposal could have betrayed the design of the PS5 in the past week, now the official launch date of the PS5 has been revealed.

Specifically, the release on the countdown website "" have been geleaked. The website usually provides fairly reliable countdowns on all possible release dates. Meanwhile, there is also a banner with the countdown to the PS5 appeared: Currently, it is still just under 424 days. Thus, the PS5 would appear on 6 November 2020. Basically, the info coincides with the recent rumors about the release date of the PS5, which says that Sony plans a release of its next-gen console in the fourth quarter of 2020.

However, the information on the countdown website must be enjoyed with great caution. Because even "" on the website itself indicates that the information about the PS5 release is now "unconfirmed" as "unconfirmed". Where the countdown service could have the release info is also completely unclear.

Also for the price of PS5, there are currently many deviant rumors. In the coming months, however, some light could come into the dark: Because allegedly Sony is planning in February 2020, the great Reveal to the Playstation 5 and its features. Learn about the latest game updates, come to