​Post Patch 1.14d Content D2R - Patch 1.15

Here are some suggestions for expanding the balance patch and content while requiring minimal time from D2R Dev Team:

1. Select an additional checkbox to create a the character new for 1.15 and above Similar to the way there's a button that makes characters that are pre-LOD.

2 Unique-Runeword-Set Balance Item 2. The balance of all unique items should be similar to runewords. For instance, a spirit swords can be utilized by all casters and is available from mid-normal until close of nightmare (viable even during entry hell).

The current the caster weapons that are unique currently are "class specific" However, they are weaker than spirit. So, you should enhance all unique caster weapons to be more powerful than spirit. Another reason is that a large portion of sets are less rare than "Spirit" but it's far more damaging.

3. End game content 3 Content for the end game - Let's face it, there's a lot of effort to Blizzard to develop any new mechanics in the final game. The most straightforward method is to include an additional game mode with altered statistics. Inferno? Create a more difficult game by using more complicated mechanics, not just "bigger number".

3a. -150% resist for inferno difficulty?

3b. Monsters are all protected by double immunity.

3c. Special mobs are equipped with five modifiers (instead of the 4 modifiers in hell) and at least 3 immunity based on random modifiers.

3d. Bring back the full power of monsters as well as modifiers like "Multishot Lightning Enchanted" and "Iron Maiden". There are other possibilities...

3e. No more "trash mobs". Monsters are all in a mob packs that are special to them. Additional special mob packs, without altering the loot table or the density of monsters would result in greater and better loot. Think about this situation: A unique mob with curse, extremely quick, super strong multishot, fanat aura is in close proximity to a special mob with stone skin the conviction aura, lightning-enchanted fire magically enchanted and multishot. What happens if a third mob gets mixed in too.)

3f. All monsters have the same that is the level of Minion of Destruction in Hell.

3g. Act bosses all have statistics similar with Hell "uber" bosses.

4. Combat skills synergy Synergy between combat skills Buff the abilities that do not have synergies by adding those skills to the synergies. It's unclear if the frame rate of attack speed "bug" can be viewed as an "feature" to remain.

5. Add a the stash tab to mix Runes as well as gems.

6. Other suggestions?

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