"Overwatch" became the sixth "billion dollar game" of Activision Blizzard

Jul-29-2019 Categories: Overwatch

Recently, the appearance of the 31st new hero "Sigma-(Sigma - Overwatch Wiki)" in "Overwatch" has aroused everyone's hot discussion. The 62-year-old physicist, both in style and background, was discussed by the players. Even the feet of Sigma have become hot topics. This new hero, just the above-mentioned incident reflects from the side that "Overwatch" in the overseas player group, still maintains high popularity and topic. At the same time, "Overwatch" is also a very profitable game!

How much money does "Overwatch" make? According to a report by third-party statistical agency Superdata, Overwatch relies on the game's spoiler box. As of June this year, it has earned billions of dollars for Blizzard and also became the sixth "billion dollar game" of Activision Blizzard. . Although each country has a different view of the "open box" in the game, the spoiler box does have a certain "gambling" nature. Players who like "Overwatch", who did not spend a few boxes? Relying on the cost of the majority of players, "Overwatch" achieved the above results, but also became the world's 64th game to achieve this record!

Then some friends will ask, what are the other five “billion dollar games” under Activision? Take everyone to see: "World of Warcraft" this game has no objection, as the world's most well-known MMORPG, as early as the end of 2008, the world's "World of Warcraft" paid users have more than 11.5 million, and successfully won Kyrgyzstan Nice world record certification. As of January 2014, the total number of accounts created worldwide has exceeded 100 million, and the number of characters has reached 500 million. Selling a mount, a pet or a revised package will become a "billion dollar game".

There is nothing to say about the "Call of Duty" series. As the most classic shooting game in the history of the game, there are many series of products. Old works are full of popularity, new works are looking forward to! If you just sell something that adds to your experience, you will earn a lot! "Candy Crush Saga" is still making money, and this three-game of King is a good old man! One year's income is $1.5 billion! Hearthstone is a trading card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Often said to be "cool", but still driving card packs. "Destiny 2" has now split with Blizzard, but has reached a "billion dollar" record during the cooperation period.

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