OSRS - The Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

Nov-02-2021 Categories: runescape

The Shield of Arrav task is for medium beginner difficulty. It won’t cause you much trouble or OSRS GP, but there are some factors to consider. Sure, you need 20 OSRS gold for it, but the only important requirement in the mission is that you have a player you can trust. This is the key to success in the task, so be sure to choose someone close to you or a player you can trust.

How do I start searching?

This mission begins by going to Varrock Palace. Go to the library to chat with Reldo. Here you will find a bookshelf with a light blue book. Read it and come back to talk to Reldo.

From now on, you have two options to join the gang. You will need both halves of the shield to complete this task. It’s not about finding the right OSRS products to sell, as we have to do our best to find the important piece to get our reward. Next, we’ll look at what you need to do to join each of these groups. Let's start with the Phoenix Gang.

How to join the Phoenix gang

Go to Farrock Square and talk to Barrick. You can find him on the fur shop website here, so talk to him for more information about the gang. From now on, we move on to the cache itself, which is also located in the city of Varrock. You can get there by going to the building in the lower corner to the southeast. Those who cannot find this site should go west from Mage Zamorak. Inside you have to climb a ladder to the basement.

Next, talk to Straven here, after which you need to go to Blue Moon Inn in Varrock to get an informative report. With that in mind, the Blue Moon Inn is our next destination where we have to kill Jonny the Beard. Once you have done this, return the report to Straven. You are now part of the Phoenix Gang, which means we can finally get our hands on a shield piece. You can do this by pointing the bunker to the southwest to locate the coffin. Open it to get Arrav's half armor. Now you can go to your friends or partner players to exchange arms trade keys with them.

How to join a black arm ring

Alternatively, you can get half armor by joining the Black Arm Gang. Stay in the Varrock area, go to the south entrance and talk to Charlie the Wanderers. Once you’ve done that, go down the alley to find the Black Arm Gang Cave. Talk to Catherine here before exchanging your partner for the key to the arms deal you need.

Head back to Varrock and go southeast. Eventually you will find another ladder in the room that is part of the Altar of Chaos building. You have a key at this point that we need to use to climb the ladder here. Once you have climbed the aforementioned ladder, you can either use your teleportation technique to acquire Pheonix Crossbows, or you can take the gun master yourself. No matter which direction you decide to go, we will return with them to Catherine.

By doing so, you become a member of the Black Arm Gang, which means we can go up to get half of the armor. There should be a cabinet near the box that contains the other side of the cover. Take this back to the Varrock Museum to find curator Haig Halen and chat with him. Your partner will now need to exchange half of their certificate so you can combine it and create a ready-made certificate. Our last stop is King Roald Castle, to which you must hand over the certificate. Doing this completes the task.

That's it, you've completed the OSRS Shield of Arrav mission. If you have a reliable partner, this will make the process much easier. You also don’t have to worry about buying OSRS gold to prepare. Another reliable player is your main goal in this task. Get it and you'll soon receive awards from the OSRS GP, points of interest, and even a reputation to redeem at the Varrock Museum.

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