​OSRS Slayer Moneymaking Guide

Sep-22-2022 Categories: runescape

There are numerous methods to make OSRS Gold when playing Old School Runescape. With an endless supply of content available to play and a need for currency for the best enjoyment of it, you'll understand why there could be numerous methods to make money. One method that is one of them is Slayer tasks, and that's the topic we'll be discussing this morning. This guide will provide you with an overview of the top Slayer strategies for earning money from OSRS So, read the guide and be ready to start counting the OSRS gold.


Slayer is thought to be one of the best methods to earn OSRS money, however, there are certain tasks that don't yield as much. For instance, the Cockatrice is a good way to begin. You must have at least 25 Slayer as well as Mirror Shield for this to be able to happen.

The reason to wear the shield is that if you take on the Cockatrice it is a sign that your stats will decrease without it. The only thing they can guarantee is Bones but you can also pick up Runes, Herbs, and other items If you are lucky. If you're at a lower Slayer level it is a great location to begin as you can earn about 200.000 gold in just an hour.

Blue Dragons

If you visit the Taverley Dungeon where you will discover there the Blue Dragons. There, you're likely to require protection that is the Anti-dragon shield. They are able to be dropped Dragon Bones as well as Blue Dragonhide.

What's more attractive is the possibility to earn up to 400k gold if are willing to invest the effort. The level of combat here is 111 and so you must be aware of it if you intend to try it.


If you're trying to show off one of the best Leaf Bladed weapons, then the Turoths ought to be your first stop at some moment. There are Turoths inside the Fremennik Slayer Cave and come with a few prerequisites. They include 55 Slayer and The Leaf Bladed Spear, Sword and Battleaxe. When it comes to drops it is possible to receive a guaranteed Bones in the form of a drop, as well as the chance of getting Herbs, Runes, Seeds and weapons, and armor.

If you're determined to invest the work, you could achieve a massive 1m gold per day with Turoths. It's a long process, but when you consider the aim, it's important to think about it.

Dark Beasts

The next destination you should visit is your next stop at the Mourner Tunnels, as well as the Dragon's Den for Dark Beasts. You'll need 90 Slayer to tackle the task, however, you might soon be getting some substantial reward.

The reason behind this is the fact that there are many great drops that come from the dark beasts. There will always be the drop of Big Bones, but there are other excellent drops like Dark Bow. Dark Bow, which can bring in a nice sum. It's also the perfect place to get some extra experience points, so if this is what you want to accomplish, head into The Dark Beasts.


Be prepared for Runes in abundance as you hunt for Gargoyles. To accomplish this you must go towards the summit of Canifis Slayer Tower, as in the basement. You will need to be at the level of 75 Slayer and you'll require to use the Rock Hammer to get past them. It's important to remember that you require this hammer to take down the gargoyles. So ensure that there is one.

When you take them down and capture them, you will gain access to Runes, Herbs, and the odd Granite Maul. Additionally, you can expect to receive plenty of gold in exchange for your trouble and a lot of XP.

Skeletal Wyverns

It's arguably the best option to earn cash through Slayer on OSRS. You'll have to go through the Asgardian Ice Dungeon, and you will need one of a Dragonfire Shield or an Elemental Shield from the Elemental Workshop quest.

Most important you should remember about Wyverns is the fact that they drop. They forever drop Wyvern Bones and can be a fantastic method to make OSRS money. If you were forced to choose one of these I strongly recommend opting for this option after you've completed the 140 level of combat.

There are a variety of Slayer monsters that you can pursue to earn the precious OSRS Gold that you desire. The following tasks will surely get you on the path to earning OSRS money. There are many ways to think about however, you can't be wrong using Slayer to earn OSRS gold and the huge amount of XP you could earn.