OSRS Best Ranged Weapons in 2022

Apr-18-2022 Categories: runescape

There are three types of osrs gear available in the game, including melee, ranged, and magic. Among these weapons, the range is the best choice for high-level monsters as they are pretty difficult to kill with the other two types. The damage per second of most ranged weapons is very great.

When it comes to defeating monsters, weapons matter the most as you will attack the monster with them. Most ranged weapons are effective in all scenarios and give you the ability to launch attacks from a distance. Below are the ten best-ranged weapons, and you can choose one for your next adventure.

Twisted Bow

The twisted bow is ranked as osrs best Mage gear, and almost every player wants to get their hands on it at some point in the game. It features an attack and strength bonus for range and a passive effect to land high damage hits on the enemy based on their magic level. The twisted bow works best against Giant Mole, Raids, KBD, Hydra, Fight Caves, etc.

Toxic Blowpipe

The toxic blowpipe made it to the list of the best-ranged weapon due to its damage per second. You won’t get the same attack speed with any other weapon. Through darts at a range, it can kill monsters by slowly melting their health. Whether you are slaying bosses, completing tasks, or going on raids, the toxic blowpipe has got your back.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

This crossbow works best against monsters, including Vorkath, as it increases the overall damage and accuracy by more than 30%. Combine it with the void, slayer helmet, and slave bonuses to get the most out of it. To equip the dragon hunter crossbow, you need to upgrade the range to level 65.

Armadyl Crossbow

Armadyl crossbow comes up with a 100% attack bonus for range weapons making it worth the effort. It is a single-handed weapon to equip a shield with it the other hand. Get your hands on the Armadyl crossbow from commander zilyana near the Saradomin encampment.  

Crystal Bow

Crystal bow is charged with special crystal shards, and it degrades as you use it in the battle, so keep a stock of them in your inventory. It works best in battles where you want to stay far from enemies to avoid their attacks. You can fire from a distance of 10 squares which is pretty far away.

Craw’s Bow

To get your hands on Craw’s bow, you need to kill some revenants on the map, and it is from the wilderness family. The bow is regarded as the best wilderness weapon as it increases the damage when you fight in the wilderness. With its special effect, your chances to land the perfect shot increase by 50%.

Dwarf Multicannon

Dwarf Multicannon is more of like a tool, and you need to complete the dwarf cannon quest to unlock it in OSRS. The maximum capacity is 30 cannonballs, and you can only deploy one Multicannon at a time. You don’t need to fire it manually, and it can fire in all directions, which means no enemy can hide from cannonballs.

Black Chinchompas

Black Chinchompas damage a large area of 9 square when you throw them because they offer the best area of effect in the game. Instead of using it on solo targets, try to use it on multiple enemies to kill them simultaneously.

Use all the chins in your inventory, as you will lose all Chinchompas after your death. If you are a level 75 hunter, you can capture black Chinchompas in the wilderness for free. For PVP battles, the damage cap is ten while the damage cap increases to 12 for PVM.

Magic Shortbow

Magic Shortbow can fire amethyst arrows and has a special attack called “snapshot,” through which you can shoot two arrows simultaneously. Upgrade the fletching of your character to level 85 to fletch it by using a magic log and string. If you shoot back-to-back arrows, your chances of dealing high damage increase to some extent.

Dorgeshuun Crossbow

Dorgeshuun crossbow is a good option for new players at the start of the game as it features a range attack bonus of 42. Complete the lost tribe quest, which is an easy quest after finishing the game tutorial to get it. It fires bone bolts that aren’t costly, so fire as many bolts as you want to quickly kill the enemy.

Despite its low level, it is one of the fastest crossbows in OSRS, all thanks to the bone bolts. You can use it in the long run without worrying about the damage per second. By equipping this crossbow, you will get pretty good ranged experience at the start of the game.

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