Old-school RuneScape reveals more about Tempoross - Fishing Skill Boss

Dec-09-2020 Categories: runescape

Jagex brought players attention to Temporos earlier this year when the team first discussed how a hunting skill coach would be implemented in the Old School RuneScape universe. Now that we are approaching 2021, the details of the gathering will begin. The vote will be released tomorrow, where you can cast your vote on various aspects of the new content,  but Jagex is giving you an early look at what will be on the ballot.

Tempoross is "a whole new, fun and sociable way to train hunting." Jagex said the content is available to all members with at least 35 hunting levels, and you don’t have to worry about it being a serious battle. That doesn’t mean you’ll always become a winner, but losing a battle doesn’t mean losing the entire HP - you can check out the long boss description here.

Unkah Ruins and the Sea Spirit Dock is a proposed lobby area for Tempoross Challenge, accessible via Al Kharid. You can encounter a water monster between two boats, shoot cannons and dodge the attacks of Tempoross as it tries to annoy you. Battle XP prices are measured based on your level, but also do not offer Gielinor’s highest XP levels. The developers "don't want to stop everyone from hunting around Gellinor because it adds life and personality to the world." Instead, it is meant to be a fun delusion and a way to confuse the fishing routine.

The Tempoross Challenge will receive several exclusive prizes, including the Pirate-y Spirit Angler Outfits and the Harpoonfish Cup.

Like all Old School stuff, Jagex doesn’t just add these features to the game without consulting the community. If you don't like Tempoross' idea, you can log in to the game tomorrow and vote "no" to Question # 1 - Should Tempoross be added to the game? 25 questions have been said about the Water Chair, each focused on making the content as fun and accessible as possible.

More game information at buyosrs.gold. To learn more about the upcoming vote, be sure to check out the official OSRS website.