​New World Prepares for Season of the Guardian

May-06-2024 Categories: New World Tag: New World, buy New World Coins
Exciting changes are on the horizon for players of New World as Amazon Game Studios gears up for Season 5: Season of the Guardian, set to begin on March 12. Among the plethora of updates and adjustments slated for the open-world MMORPG, one area receiving significant attention is the cooking system. With a focus on streamlining and refining the culinary experience, players can expect a host of changes aimed at making cooking more accessible and rewarding than ever before.

Simplifying the Recipe Book

One of the most notable changes coming to New World in Season of the Guardian is the reduction in the number of available cooking recipes. While cooking remains a pivotal activity within the game, the development team is taking steps to trim the fat and remove less-utilized recipes, particularly those for dual-stat foods. This pruning of the recipe book aims to streamline the cooking experience, making it easier for players to New World Gold navigate and focus on crafting dishes that offer significant benefits.

Tweaks for Taste: Refocusing on Primary Stats

For recipes that survive the culling process, players can expect tweaks aimed at refocusing their effects on primary stats. By honing in on the core benefits of each dish, the team aims to ensure that cooking remains a valuable and strategic aspect of gameplay. Additionally, all dual-stat food listings will be removed from the trading post, with affected items returned to their rightful owners. These adjustments aim to maintain balance within the game's economy while enhancing the overall cooking experience for players.

A Shift in XP Gains and Crafting Dynamics

While XP gains from cooking will remain consistent, changes are afoot in the crafting process. Cooked items will now be crafted in bundles of three, requiring more ingredients than before. Furthermore, the traditional cooking and gathering tiers will be eliminated, simplifying progression and allowing players to engage with cooking content more freely. Additionally, level restrictions for food usage will be lowered from level 60 to level 15, granting players access to a wider range of culinary delights earlier in their journey.

Reeling in Legendary Fish: Rarity and Rewards

In a significant adjustment to the fishing system, the chances of catching legendary fish will be drastically reduced, making them "exceptionally rare" and increasing their value within the game world. Players will need to employ advanced tactics, seek out fishing hotspots, and utilize top-tier gear to increase their chances of landing these coveted catches. However, for those who find legendary fishing elusive, equally rewarding alternatives will be available, ensuring that all players can enjoy meaningful gameplay experiences.

Looking Ahead: Balancing Professions and Diversity

While the cooking system receives a spotlight in Season of the Guardian, Amazon Game Studios remains committed to balancing and enhancing all professions within New World. Future updates will extend the same level of attention and refinement to other crafting disciplines, ensuring that the game maintains diversity without overwhelming players with redundant options. By focusing on quality over quantity, the team aims to buy New World Gold create a cohesive and engaging gameplay experience for all players.

A Taste of What's to Come

As New World prepares to embark on its next chapter with Season of the Guardian, players can anticipate a culinary overhaul that promises to breathe new life into the cooking system. With streamlined recipes, refined crafting dynamics, and increased emphasis on rarity and rewards, the game is poised to deliver an enhanced cooking experience that appeals to both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. As players await the launch of Season 5, excitement builds for the delicious adventures that lie ahead in the world of Aeternum.