New World March Update: Expanding Horizons and Addressing Challenges

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Amazon's MMORPG, New World, continues to evolve and adapt based on player feedback and the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry. The upcoming March update, titled "Heart of Madness," promises significant changes, including a new endgame expedition and the introduction of a powerful weapon, the Blunderbuss. Additionally, the game will undergo adjustments to salvaging in houses, territory-wide buffs, and cross-area server transfers, demonstrating Amazon's commitment to enhancing player experience. However, amidst these exciting developments, the decision to forego a Russian localization due to ongoing geopolitical events adds a somber note to New World's journey.

Changes to Salvaging and Territory-Wide Buffs

While the March update won't include advancements in salvaging within the houses, Amazon is actively working on making this aspect more lucrative for players. The team recognizes the need for improvements, and the commitment to refining salvaging is evident in their efforts to create a more rewarding experience for players who invest in their in-game residences.

Territory-wide buffs, a crucial aspect of New World's territorial control system, are also receiving attention. The game's current state often renders some bonuses, such as XP gained in a territory, obsolete at max level. The upcoming changes aim to address this issue, allowing players to reselect territory-wide buffs to New World Gold better suit their needs. By enhancing the functionality and relevance of these buffs, Amazon aims to provide a more engaging and customizable gameplay experience.

Cross-Area Server Transfers and Double XP Weekend

One of the highly anticipated features for New World players is the introduction of cross-area server transfers. Amazon has confirmed that this functionality is on the horizon, promising players the flexibility to move between servers seamlessly. This move aligns with the game's commitment to providing a dynamic and player-centric environment.

To further enhance the leveling experience, a double XP weekend is in the pipeline. This event is designed to assist players in reaching the maximum level while also potentially extending the XP boost to weapon proficiency. The inclusion of weapon XP in the double XP weekend offers a valuable opportunity for players at max character level to further refine their skills with various weapons, like the newly introduced Blunderbuss.

War Mode Changes and the Return to the Preview Build

In response to player feedback, Amazon has decided not to New World Coins proceed with reducing the player counts in the game's 50v50 War mode, emphasizing the importance of community input in shaping the game's direction. The March update is currently undergoing testing in the game's preview build, with Amazon fine-tuning the changes based on player experiences and suggestions. This iterative approach ensures that the final release aligns with player expectations and maintains the high standards set by the developers.

Russian Localization Decision Amidst Geopolitical Tensions

In a notable departure from gaming-centric updates, Amazon's decision to halt the Russian localization of New World stands as a response to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Amazon Games, revealed that the decision was made after considering the broader geopolitical context. This move reflects the impact of real-world events on the gaming industry and underscores the complex decisions developers must make in response to global situations.

Heart of Madness: New Endgame Expedition and Blunderbuss Weapon

The centerpiece of the March update is the introduction of the "Heart of Madness" endgame expedition. Players will embark on a challenging journey to the core of Shattered Mountain to confront the primary antagonist, the corrupted leader Isabella, known as The Tempest. This expedition promises a gripping narrative that unravels the secrets of Isabella's past, providing a rich and immersive experience for players at level 60 with a recommended gear rating of 550 or higher.

Accompanying the new expedition is the addition of the Blunderbuss, a cutting-edge weapon that will undoubtedly shake up the game's combat dynamics. The Blunderbuss offers players a fresh and powerful option, contributing to the diverse arsenal of weapons available in New World.


As New World's journey unfolds, the March update stands as a testament to Amazon's commitment to refining and expanding the gaming experience. The introduction of the Heart of Madness expedition and the Blunderbuss weapon promises exciting new content for players to explore and master. Simultaneously, ongoing adjustments to salvaging, territory-wide buffs, and the implementation of cross-area server transfers showcase the developers' dedication to addressing player concerns and creating a dynamic and player-centric environment. The decision to forgo Russian localization adds a layer of real-world complexity to the gaming landscape, highlighting the intricate balance developers must maintain in response to global events. With the Heart of Madness update on the horizon, New World continues to evolve, offering players a captivating and ever-expanding virtual world to explore.