New World: Into Cross-World Expeditions and Economic Evolution

Jan-17-2024 Categories: New World Tag: New World, buy New World Gold

New World, Amazon Games Studios' ambitious MMORPG, has been making waves in the gaming community with its immersive world and continuous commitment to enhancing the player experience. As the game progresses into Season 4: Eternal Frost, exciting developments are on the horizon, with the introduction of cross-world Expeditions and an improved group finder. This article delves into the details of these upcoming features, the reasoning behind the delayed release, and the game's evolving economic landscape.

Cross-World Expeditions and Improved Group Finder:

Amazon Games Studios has long teased the introduction of cross-world Expeditions and an improved group finder, promising a more polished and refined gaming experience. The decision to invest additional time in development reflects the studio's commitment to delivering quality content over rushed, potentially flawed features.

Scheduled for release in the middle of Season 4: Eternal Frost, the PTR server is set to open on January 16th, providing eager players with a preview of what's to come. This marks a significant milestone for New World, as cross-world Expeditions promise to expand the game's scope, allowing players to venture beyond their realms and collaborate with others in exciting new ways. The improved group finder is poised to make the matchmaking process smoother, enhancing overall gameplay dynamics.

To engage with the community, the New World development team has organized a special session on January 19th. This session will feature developers and community team members running Expeditions with players, providing valuable insights, and addressing any concerns or feedback.

Economic Evolution in Aeternum:

Beyond the realm of cross-world Expeditions, the New World team has turned its attention to the in-game New World Coins economy, acknowledging the need for continuous refinement. In a recent Forged in Aeternum article, the team candidly discusses the evolution of the economy since the release of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.

The article begins with an admission that the team's last discussion about the in-game economy took place right after the expansion release. At that time, they had yet to witness the full impact of the economic changes on the player community. The primary shift highlighted in the article is the transformation from a "faucet economy" to a "sink" economy.

A faucet economy implies that there is an influx of currency into the game that surpasses the outflow. In contrast, a sinking economy signifies a reverse scenario, where more currency is leaving the game than entering.