New World: Aeternum Turns a Middling MMO into a Great RPG

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When Amazon Games first announced New World: Aeternum, the “spiritual sequel” to its flagship MMORPG, New World, it stirred a mixture of curiosity and confusion among the gaming community. Is it a remake? A full sequel? An ARPG rework? Why now? As one of the millions who tried out New World at its initial launch, I was intrigued, especially by the switch to ARPG-style combat. I envisioned New World’s universe with an injection of Diablo and the fluidity of Lost Ark. My time with the game at Summer Game Fest was both surprising and perplexing, leaving me with more questions than I had anticipated.

The Journey Begins Anew

Our journey begins as it did before: on the bowels of a rickety old ship bound for the mysterious Isle of Aeternum. In the Summer Game Fest build, cutscenes weren’t available, thrusting me directly into the character creator and then onto the upper decks. As thunder boomed and waves battered our vessel, a barrel exploded in front of me, creating a path for what I presumed was once one of buy New World Coins my crewmates, now a shambling menace with weapon raised. New World: Aeternum plunges you into the heart of the action immediately, and I liked it.

The initial combat felt fluid and responsive, much like an ARPG. The shift from the more traditional MMO combat to an action-packed, skill-based system is a notable improvement. The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of games like Diablo and Lost Ark, with a focus on quick reflexes and strategic thinking. This change in combat style is a significant factor in transforming New World from a middling MMO into a compelling RPG.

A World Reimagined

One of the most striking aspects of New World: Aeternum is the visual overhaul. The Isle of Aeternum feels more alive and immersive than ever before. The environments are lush and detailed, with dynamic weather effects and day-night cycles that add depth to the world. The improved graphics and animations contribute to a more engaging and visually appealing experience.

The storyline in New World: Aeternum has also received significant attention. The narrative is more cohesive, with well-written quests and characters that add depth to the game's lore. The absence of cutscenes in the Summer Game Fest build was a slight disappointment, but the snippets of dialogue and quest text provided a glimpse into the rich storytelling that awaits players.

ARPG Combat: A Game Changer

The switch to ARPG-style combat is arguably the most significant change in New World: Aeternum. The combat system is now more dynamic and skill-based, requiring players to dodge, block, and time their attacks carefully. The introduction of a variety of weapons and abilities allows for greater customization and strategic gameplay. Players can now tailor their combat style to suit their preferences, whether they prefer ranged attacks, melee combat, or a mix of both.

The new skill system is intuitive and rewarding. As players level up, they can invest points into various skill trees, unlocking new abilities and enhancing their combat prowess. This system encourages experimentation and allows players to create unique builds that suit their playstyle. The depth and complexity of the skill system add a layer of strategy that was lacking in the original New World.

Multiplayer and Social Features

One of the defining aspects of an MMO is its multiplayer and social features. New World: Aeternum retains the core elements of an MMO, allowing players to team up with friends, join guilds, and participate in large-scale PvP battles. The improved combat system and engaging storyline make these multiplayer experiences more enjoyable and rewarding.

The guild system has been refined, offering more incentives for players to join and actively participate in guild activities. Guilds can now embark on unique quests and challenges, earning rewards and enhancing their reputation within the game world. The sense of camaraderie and teamwork is stronger than ever, making New World: Aeternum a more social and community-driven experience.

Crafting and Economy

Crafting and the in-game economy have always been integral parts of New World. In Aeternum, these systems have been enhanced and streamlined. Gathering resources, crafting items, and trading with other players are now more intuitive and rewarding. The economy feels more balanced, with a greater emphasis on player-driven markets and trade.

The crafting system offers a wide range of options, allowing players to create everything from weapons and armor to potions and food. The addition of rare and legendary materials adds an element of excitement and challenge to crafting, as players seek out the best resources to create powerful items.

Endgame Content

One of the major criticisms of the original New World was the lack of engaging endgame content. New World: Aeternum addresses this issue by introducing a variety of challenging and rewarding activities for high-level players. From epic raids and dungeons to world bosses and PvP battlegrounds, there is no shortage of content to keep players engaged and entertained.

The endgame content is designed to be challenging and rewarding, offering players the opportunity to New World Gold  test their skills and earn valuable loot. The introduction of leaderboards and competitive events adds an element of competition and prestige, motivating players to strive for excellence.

Too Little, Too Late?

While New World: Aeternum offers a host of improvements and enhancements, the question remains: is it too little, too late? The original launch of New World was marred by server issues, bugs, and a lack of engaging content, leading to a significant drop in player numbers. The changes introduced in Aeternum are undoubtedly positive, but it remains to be seen whether they are enough to bring back lapsed players and attract new ones.

The initial reception at Summer Game Fest was promising, with many players expressing excitement and optimism about the future of New World. However, the real test will come when the game is released and players have the opportunity to experience the full scope of the changes. If New World: Aeternum can deliver on its promises and provide a compelling and rewarding experience, it has the potential to revitalize the game and establish itself as a leading MMORPG.


New World: Aeternum represents a significant step forward for Amazon Games' flagship MMORPG. The switch to ARPG-style combat, the visual overhaul, and the refined systems and features combine to create a more engaging and immersive experience. While questions remain about the game's future and its ability to attract and retain players, the improvements introduced in Aeternum are a promising sign.

Whether you are a returning player or new to the world of Aeternum, New World: Aeternum offers a fresh and exciting adventure. With its rich lore, dynamic combat, and vibrant world, it has the potential to turn a middling MMO into a great RPG. The journey ahead is uncertain, but for now, New World: Aeternum is a step in the right direction.