New work for Splinter Cell is just around the corner?

Jan-29-2020 Categories: news

Recently, major changes are happening inside Ubisoft. Ubisoft's templated game is “not enough for differentiated design”, and players are slowly not buying it. Ubisoft naturally won't sit still. According to the report from foreign media VGC, Ubisoft will set up a total of seven vice presidents of editors. It will have more autonomy for the series of games that the team is responsible for and can make design decisions on its own.

Everyone is naturally curious about who the seven vice presidents of editors are, and recently learned that Maxime Béland, who was the director of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, is said to be returning to Ubisoft! Hope for the new Splinter Cell!

Maxime Béland is a veteran who has been creative director at Ubisoft for a long time. In addition to the "Splinter Cell" series, he has also participated in the development of "Far Cry 4" and "Far Cry 5", which is very experienced. However, he left Ubisoft in the first half of 2019 and moved to Epic Games. It may not be an accident now to return to Ubisoft after only spending about eight months outside.

According to media reports, Maxime Béland will be a member of the editorial team in the future. According to the doctor's understanding, the above-mentioned editor-in-chief should be the so-called senior game producer, who controls the theme design, ideas and planning of one or more game projects. Maxime Béland will be an important creative backing for game development. His work includes providing game design, script writing, world map and live-service guidance for Ubisoft's studios to ensure that products meet expectations.

The establishment of the "Editorial Vice President" team means that major changes are taking place within Ubisoft. Most of these people are cross-sector executives at Ubisoft, and Maxime Béland is a former development general, which shows that Ubisoft has realized that the past "routine template" games have been impracticable, and creative innovation is the most important.

Speaking of the "Splinter Cell" series, this series was released in 2013 after the "Splinter Cell: Blacklist", there is no news. Players waited for new games in The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, and Ghost Recon series, but couldn't see Splinter Cell. Does the return of Maxime Béland mean that Ubisoft will launch a new work for Splinter Cell?

Everyone can look forward to it. In the future, you may be able to play a new "Splinter Cell" that is different from the previous experience. Are you looking forward to it? Welcome message US.